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Wow, I am utterly surprised to see your name on my "recent posts" screen, great to see a member of the ol' gang!
Did you just call me "old"? Yeah, I'm still here...mainly a lurker now, but still here...likewise glad to know that some of the old guard is still around!

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I must admit, I'm surprised to hear the second round is out because the first made so little impact.
Dunno...the first round became very difficult to pick up shortly after it was released and it still sells pretty well on ebay...guess they made enough $ and there was enough demand to carry on

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What's not impressive about them? I don't know anything about them. Looking at the sample from Attack Wing coming this summer, the nicest thing I can say is I like the new base design.
I'm assuming you meant to say, "What's SO impressive." To answer, and this is strictly my opinion and nothing more, the tooling is actually very very good. Detailing is nice and paint apps are good as well. The ventral sides of some of the ships are a bit lacking, but the dorsal sides are outstanding. I see many of these as being where Galoob could have gone had they continued.

As for the Attack Wing, that's the first I'd heard of them...if there are some more new molds, I'll pick them up.

What's fun for me is that I have absolutely no interest in the gaming pieces and when i purchase them in store and there are gamers there, I go ahead and pull them off the stands just to hear the collective gasps across the room.

fun fun fun...

ok...so i promised this with my first post, but I'll try to get some side-by-side pics with micro machines this weekend...