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**Officially, Darth Maul was brought back by Dark Horse Comics (and unfortunately) who started with the lower-half cyborg body. Dark Horse also saw $$$ for trying to satisfy expectations that Maul would be the ultimate new Sith Lord. So they brought him back for cash and a portion of the fan segment who wanted more Maul.
This wasn't canon - it was a one-shot in Visionaries, nothing more than an exercise in "what if?" It influenced the design of Maul in TCW, but that's it.

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It wasn't his leg, it was his knee - I guess 5th time's a charm. That made no sense to me, they intentionally showed 3 or 4 previous attempts on his knees and he shook them all off, were they wearing him down? It didn't make sense to me.
I thought that was exactly it - they were wearing it down, and he could only take so many direct hits to the knee.

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And why exactly does Maul's robot leg bleed green gassy goo the same way Savage's arm does? Is it due to them both being rebuilt by Nightsister powers? That could have used more explanation, it stood out not in a good way.
Again, your possible answer is what I thought was the case. Talzin created Maul's legs similarly to how she made Savage into a monster, so it's a reminder of their dark, strange origins.

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Sounded like Ian Abercrombie to me, and he was credited. I think Palps was annoyed that someone else was moving in on the Sith action and was going to deal with it himself or via Dooku (it'd be nice to see Dooku earn his Sith keep).
It was definitely Abercrombie for most of the time, but there's one sentence - at around 20:40 in the episode, after Obi-Wan comments on Maul trying to form an army of pirates, Palpatine says, "So let him. Let him play with the rabble. They're just petty crooks. It is of no relevance to the Senate compared to the Separatist threat." The "They're just petty crooks" line sticks out like a sore thumb, even though everything around it sounded normal, so I'm thinking it was some ADR done after Abercrombie died by a different actor. It sounds nothing like him, and it was mixed bizarrely when I watched it on TV.