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JabbaJohn, you've become quite a great base for SW knowledge like I once was making my huge effort to be.

It's good to see and I enjoy conversing with you.
Thanks. I do want to get a little deeper into the EU, so I might check into those stories a bit further. First order of business will have to be Shadows of the Empire, and then I want to get the Crimson Empire trilogy anthology, and then I'll likely jump around and hit some of the high points.

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My big issue with Saturday's episode is that there really doesn't seem like a lot of focus on their rebellion, it's just a handful of people as the chief focus and I kept wondering why the Jedi would give a crap one way or the other about this little band. Other than that and the large disparity between the A and B stories (Ahsoka & Lux does not fit well with the Jedi training the Onderonian rebels IMO, they don't share weight), it was an ok episode and something LIKE this - our heroes going low-key and guerrilla and training rebels and preparing to fight a war from the outside and inside - could make a good longer story arc so it had promise.
As the fortune cookie for "Revival" said, "Strength in character can defeat strength in numbers." Steela and Saw seem like promising candidates to start a rebellion, even if their numbers aren't many. It might be a good Jedi strategy to start this new insurgent-training program on a smaller group anyway to avoid attention and potentially go further based on its success or failure - it's more of an initial test than a full-on dedication, it seems.

I'm interested in how this one will play out in terms of both that and the Ahsoka/Lux situation - based on clips shown at CVI, they get a lot deeper into Anakin and Padmé's relationship and its related troubles this season (including how much Obi-Wan actually knows, and a return from Rush Clovis), so having the two storylines and seeing how they impact each other could make for some good character exploration.