I liked this episode much more than "Front Runners." It advanced the story along well and set it up for the final episode, which looks like good fun from the Season Five trailer (with the introduction of the Droid Gunships and help from an unexpected ally). I liked the General Tandin character - I can't remember who he reminds me of, though, but the alliance of the rebels with his army beefs up the cause considerably. Some of the new tech, like the one-way shield and the electroguillotine, was pretty slick.

Oh, and that was one seriously ugly Twi'lek child in the opening scene.

In other news, Cartoon Network has images from the upcoming episode "The Gathering," which is clearly part of the young Jedi Knights arc that was previewed at CVI. So it looks like this won't be its own series after all - at least for now. This arc will help fill in more of the gaps before "Revival," since it should portray Grievous destroying Hondo's compound, as described in that episode. And it looks like Wookiee Jedi are back in the canon again!