So, we're just going to overlook the fact that when the previous episode ended, it was on a colorless, empty ghost town-type environment and when this ep starts it's basically Mos Eisley Spaceport in white and with Battle Droids playing the role of Sandtroopers? That drove me NUTS. This was an interesting episode, it just had next to nothing to do with the last two.

While we've done the "lost clone" bit on the show before (although not via amnesia), I liked this one and would have preferred a longer storyline focusing on that aspect instead of just jumping from idea to idea with contrived plot devices pushing it through. Dee Bradley Baker did a great job here, thanks for focusing on that, even during the episode I was checking his IMDB to see what weightier works he's done since this shows he clearly has the chops for it (the answer, surprisingly, seems to be none more nuanced than this, that deserves to change). Gregor was interesting to follow, and his armor ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING for once, that was nice to see, armor that doesn't immediately kill the guy inside the moment an enemy glances it (or at it).

Gascon's side of things really didn't work any better for me than before though, he blusters into a diner which gets a starving man kicked out and eating garbage (with HUGE teethmarks from him, he must unhinge his whole jaw) and then his big strategy involves stomping into the enemy stronghold which gets a guy killed, chiefly because said guy didn't have any grenades - since they obviously would have done the job and he has ALL HIS OTHER EQUIPMENT. And then the weird ending where he's delivering a message one moment about a soldier's job to sacrifice (not a very complete message to give the kiddies either) and then the next moment looking for Gregor's return was all a mess. Oh, and lest I forget again, Gascon sends the astromech - keepers of all the weapons and the big prize for the mission - out on PATROL alone with no backup! This guy officially sucks at life, to borrow a term from the internet.

The droids barely got to do anything again this episode, for a droid-centric storyline the droids sure don't get much screentime or action, it's frustrating. Nobody wanted to watch Col. Gascon, that's why we've never seen him before and he doesn't have his own show. Yet it's all Gascon and WAC yet again. WAC did get a funny line with the "Go on, save yourselves!" "Ok!" moment.

Anyway, C for effort, not a terrible episode but way too compressed storyline and a shift in locale from the previous episode, yet still a step up from previous.

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In the video commentary, Filoni said that Gregor will probably be back, and I thought his character and backstory were interesting so that should be good.
If they wanted him back, WHY THE **** DID THEY BOTHER TO KILL HIM IN THE FIRST ****ING PLACE?!? I hate when they do stuff like this, don't shoehorn in that "look for his return" crap, just have him survive the episode, or at least leave it more vague than a GIIIIIIANT explosion that he couldn't possibly survive yet he's gonna.

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Amazing how effective a single old blaster in the hand of ONE commando can be against many battle and destroyer droids.
His character is derived from a first-person shooter video game, so it makes sense (and it wasn't effective against Droidekas, the equally cheesy exploding barrel gimmick was). But then again, game mechanics would have dictated reloading, and he sure didn't. And all that said, the idea was stretched too thin, he was too good at his job.