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Simple, JJL. Barriss is at least the same age as Anakin, possibly older (definitely more mature and advanced in her training), in the books, and becomes a Knight sooner, according to the pre-Clone Wars EU.

Making her a padawan and buddies to Anakin's padawan sort of tosses that out the window.
As I said, they moved a lot of things earlier in the timeline. Here Anakin becomes a Padawan soon after Geonosis but, again, many of the stories where he's a Padawan can take place in that time, or just change the fact that he's a Padawan and not alter much else. Does it actually state her age anywhere or are you assuming? Does Anakin's status in the order have any bearing whatsoever on the Medstar stories specifically?

Tycho, The Approaching Storm takes place before AOTC.

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I didn't notice the shrine specifically, what was it?
Just a small Buddhist-like statue and some candles, IIRC. Nothing too fancy but I thought it was an interesting little detail since I haven't really seen anything like that for the Jedi before.