It's not unreasonable that the Jedi should be answerable to the military since they are generals and commanders in that military during this war. I understand that the Jedi want to handle matters like that themselves, but honestly there should have always been some consideration of transparency once they joined with the Republic military.

I found this an adequately enjoyable episode, but there were a couple frustrations that held me back from loving it. The first is how inept both sides of the Republic trial were, the fasttracking of this trial was ludicrous, and then Padme forgot to actually gather any evidence to present, so Anakin's running around doing everything and nobody is presenting what he's gathering because of a phony ticking clock. This issue really suggests to me that this arc should have been a minimum one episode longer, and probably should have had more of its elements sprinkled throughout the season.

The second issue is much smaller, Barriss Offee is the traitor we knew her to be, Anakin busts her and she whips out the Ventress sabers, Anakin gives her guff about keeping them and then she says she feels they SUIT HER! What the hell? She's fighting for the honor and integrity of the Jedi Order, she's killing people to ensure that the Jedi don't fall further into the hands of the Sith (her methods may be wrong, but her message turns out to be very true, as we learn in Ep 3), yet Ventress' evil red twin Dooku-like sabers somehow suit this Jedi all of a sudden? That was so stupid I actually groaned... loudly. That's just a dumb line though.

One thing I think was lost was the resonance on the Jedi council of Ahoska's choice, that's a moment I think that should have been held and examined, and if it doesn't resonate then I think that has to be addressed as well. But overall the final moments where the music swells and the imagery gets much more dramatic and creative, that hit hard. We didn't get nearly enough from Obi-Wan or Plo Koon throughout this episode.

Over the last 5 years, I've predicted Ahsoka might be drummed out of the order or would leave the order in disgust rather than be killed, turns out both were right. This is the ending Lucas and Filoni mapped out back when this started. Does that make this the end of the series? I don't think so, I think there have been enough rumblings to make a season 6 likely, but if that doesn't come to pass then that's ok too as I have no idea how they could address this ending anyway.

I hated Tim Curry as Palpatine, I know they had to scramble but he wasn't right at all, he sounded nothing like the character and every time his voice came out of Palpatine's mouth it looked and sounded and felt wrong. Keep in mind, Ian Abercrombie's performance was mimicking Ian McDiarmid's performance, so it wouldn't have been disrespectful to have another person in that place do the work.

Seeing the younglings and Pietro, all I could think was "you're all going to be dead at Anakin's hand in a few months" which bummed me out.

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And he did a fantastic job. Since it still sounds like the Palpatine we know and love.
I couldn't disagree more, he sounded exactly like Tim Curry to me and nothing like Palpatine - it was very jarring as I wasn't expecting it - and his voice didn't really suit the mouth movements of the character on-screen or even the tone of the moment.

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Was I surprised by this finale? Somewhat? How so? Read the white text below...

I thought that Mace's comments about her great trials would've meant she would be elevated to Jedi Knight status, not Padawan. I wasn't surprised by Ahsoka's decision; I just wonder if she's gone from the series now (but I doubt it). The "wait, I have last-second evidence!" ploy was expected. Let's see where Barriss ends up. Curry's voice occasionally sounded more like Tim Curry, but for the most part, he did a good job. The new "newest" guards' uniforms are pretty cool.

Season Six might be a great way to wrap it all up, and lead into E3.
I felt the same way about Mace's comments elevating her, especially with her face reacting to it like "you are full of crap, covering up for your own mistakes and trying to buy my silence".

I doubt if the series continues that she is gone, but perhaps she will follow Ventress' lead and try to find her way on Coruscant without her order and that we'll watch her become a civilian struggling to be something else than a Jedi.

I liked the Jedi guards, but I don't think their outfits are entirely new designs, I think we've seen them before in another medium.