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Dude, c'mon, Maul was a dead duck. They retconned the Theed Palace reactor shaft into one of those endless skydiving fan things, that's the ONLY way he could have survived being cut in half and falling down that pit. Even the EU in Wrath of Darth Maul and The Sith Hunters is utterly ridiculous - grabbing a vent at that speed without a working SPINE? And then falling further and hitting water? He'd have ripped his arm off his body even if his spine was still able to send signals after being cut in twain, and the impact from hitting the water from that height would pancake him, turning his internal organs into external ones. Oh, and let's not forget that THERE WERE NO VENTS OR WATER IN THE MOVIE.
We couldn't see anything at the bottom of the pit in TPM, so we can't say there was or wasn't anything based on the film. I'm not sure what the EU said on this one, whether the 1999- or 2012-era stuff, I'm just going off the film and the show.