I get the Disney XD Channel or whatever it is in my cable package.

I'm not that concerned about having the channel.

What I'd like:

Further adventures of Ahsoka Tano in some medium. I'd read books or comics about her. But I'd like to see Ashley still employed portraying her.

I'd really like to see Ahsoka confront Darth Vader one day, knowing full well who he is. I could handle it if he kills her, but I want to see him regret it and struggle horribly because of his decision to join the Dark Side (under Palpatine).*

* The Dark Side would possibly be great for Anakin if he got rid of Palpatine. In fact, if Obi-Wan had joined Anakin, the younger Jedi would be loving it. He had good intentions. After reading Darth Plageuis, I understand Palpatine did not.

** Palpatine was also a vengeful teenager, manipulated by Darth Plageuis (Damosk) who was a Force-talented corporate raider (a monopolist with the Dark Side).

While Anakin was a resentful teenager, he wanted to do good by people and free slaves, share his love with Padme, etc. He didn't start off consumed by a need for revenge (it was fear and insecurity).

For Palpatine, it was a deep resentment of a loss of entitlement he thought he deserved for being Naboo royalty, and a rebellion against his father.


Next, I'd like a cartoon version return to the OT era with Han, Luke, and Leia, but that's only on the basis that it creates or expands on new characters that could be in jeopardy - if it's set in the OT era.

As they've made statements it will NOT be, I'd like the Legacy or immediate pre-Legacy era to be explored.

Who were Roan Fel's parents?

Who were Ania Solo's parents?

Who were Cole Skywalker's parents? (that's Cade's grandparents and Ben Skywalker's offspring).

The movies (if they preserve the EU) would focus on these characters' grandparents (Jaina Fel, Ben Skywalker, Allanah Solo).

Why did Dark Horse jump so far into the future instead of deal with those questions in the first place?

I'd love to (and can, even in the Legacy era) see Yuuzhan Vong in some sort of motion-action medium (film or cartoon preferably but video games would be marketable).


If SW goes back in time before the PT, KOTOR is alright, but what about Vima Sunrider in the TOTJ era?