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    Anyone interested in a quick review of all 5 seasons should pick up the new Clone Wars Episode Guide book by Jason Frey. It has each episode on a 2-page spread in the correct order of the story (plus the CW film), and lists in which season it was released. Good index to search at the back, too.
    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that out. Sounds like a good reference for the series.

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    I got the book as well, and it's nice to finally have the chronological order of the series completely mapped out. Leland Chee said they don't currently have plans to add the EU Clone Wars material in as well, but it should make it easier if others want to do so.

    Also, it's Jason Fry, not Frey, in case that alters anyone's searches. Frey is the dude who throws weddings you want to avoid. [/gameofthrones]
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    You mean former Eagle, Glen's brother, isn't a SW writer?
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    There's a Secrets of The Clone Wars panel tomorrow at Celebration Europe II. Stateside it takes place at 9 a.m. EST/6 a.m. PST, so hopefully there will finally be some news about the bonus content.

    Word on the street is that the Season Five DVD/Blu-ray sets will be out October 15 alongside a full-series set. I've been getting the season DVDs and waiting to get a complete series Blu-ray, but I don't want to have to rebuy it with the bonus content added later. I assume that will also be addressed tomorrow, but we shall see.
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    As rumored, the DVD/Blu-ray sets will be out October 15. Season Five will have two director's cut episodes. The Complete Series set includes a 54-page concept art booklet.

    Star Wars Underworld has a collection of tweets from the Clone Wars panel. They're still working on how to release the bonus content, and didn't say how much was coming, but there are several hints at things that will be seen in the content. There's also mention of several unfinished storylines, but Pablo Hidalgo says they may make it out as another movie. Another interesting tidbit is that there have been elements of the shelved live-action series in TCW since Season Two, so I wonder what those could be . . .
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    Aarrgghh! I knew I should've passed on the separate DVD seasons. Do I or don't I, for this one, based on the art book and extra cuts? Hmm...
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    Seriously, just release them on another DVD pass. This is stupid, how much longer is this "bonus content" going to be relevant if they don't release that news soon?
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    So, is everyone lining up at stores for all the midnight releases for Season 5 this Tuesday? Or holding your finger above the "Submit Order" link on your computer/smart phone?
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    I'll be asking for the Season Five DVDs for my birthday, at least. And as I mentioned in another thread, we know the bonus content will be available in early 2014, so I will probably still wait until we know more about that before getting the Blu-ray box set.

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    I haven't de-shrinkwrapped this one yet, but I found it at Best Buy for $30. Hardly any ads for it, that I noticed.
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