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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Zumbell Walmart had plenty of all 4 preview figs yesterday afternoon. 3 pegs full plus a tray of them on a shelf above. The wookie and Grevious look espescially cool.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Fenton Target- 1 Grievous 1 wookie
    Fenton Wal-Mart- tons of preview wave no Jedi Starfighter
    Crestwood TRU- Episode II Preview and a lot of junk That's just insane!
    Kirkwood Wal-Mart- Nothing! Worse Wal-Mart for anthing, not just Star Wars
    Then I gave up. I really wanted Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Not a one between, WM, Target, or K-M on Manchester either.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    South County Target- A lot of preview figures, no Jedi Fighter, & the new Clone Wars Wave-Anakin for sure. I don't collect those, so I didn't pay too much attention.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Sneek preview starfighter at Sunset Hills TRU. They also has the starfighter lego set and the lego TIE with Vader.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    West Florissant Kmart has had the Episode 3 Lightsabers out for a while. Still haven't seen any figures (other than the sneak preview) out. It seems like a lot of guys are getting these early. (there's a ton on ebay) Are they not waiting for the specific date this time around or what?

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Bridgeton Target had E3 Galactic Heroes, and Florissant had a few too.

    Florissant and Mid River's Targets both had a General Greivous cycle(?) and Obi Wan's Starfighter.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Lemay Ferry K Mart had ROTS figures out! Not too many left. I picked up an Obi-Wan & Grievous. Left a couple R2s, Chewbaccas, Maces, & Emperors. Everything else was snatched up. Pretty excited about finding ANYTHING early.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Florissant Kmart had some deluxe. Anakin, Obi, and Grievous. 12.99 apiece

    I think I'll wait until the 2nd and get Greivous for 10 (the other 2 looked like crap btw).

    I didn't try to buy them so I don't know if they would've sold em but the did come up on the price scanner. Not sure if that means anything or not.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Well, I found em. Yesterday at Saint Ann Walmart I found 7 of the 8 that I want out of the initail waves...and they wouldn't sell them!

    After 15 minutes waiting to hear back from a manager they told me they couldn't sell even tho they were on the pegs. I told them they should pull them off then and they said they were going to.

    Oh they looked so cool. The only one I couldn't find that I wanted was Dooku. They had several clone troops, several Yoda, Obi, Ani and the second Ani as well.


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