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    St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Preview figures have arrived. I found two Zam Wesell and one R3-T7 today at Target on Manchester.
    Eeth Koth - Walmart on Machester. Again the only one.
    Zutton - once again the only one at Toys R' Us in St. Peters.

    Happy Hunting!

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    I pulled an unopened case of preview figures off of a skid this morning at Walmart on Manchester. Might not be anything left by now, but for what it's worth....

    Anyone find the BoShek wave yet?

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    The Boshek wave at Walmart on Manchester. Still two of each left.

    At-St at Chesterfield Toys R' Us - called and asked for inventory #472552, the guy said they had a few, and offered to hold one for me, which I accepted. When I arrived there were not any others on the shelves, nor were there price codes for them. If you need one, call. They might be keeping them in back until all the FX-7 wave sell off, or April 23rd.

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    No St. Louis posts for some time. Anyone out there? Anyone find anything recently? Found tonight at Target on Manchester:
    Deluxe Anakin - one left
    Deluxe Nexu - two left

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    Thumbs up

    I have found all the figures except the HAN/chewie/obi-pilot wave, but I am on the hunt.
    .....strike me down with all your Hatred!

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    Have you found Palpatine and Djas(?) yet? If so, where?

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    I found them about 2 weeks ago at the Kirkwood Walmart, by the time I got there I got the last Palpatine and 2 Puhr's which I have traded 1 already.
    .....strike me down with all your Hatred!

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    Han Solo Endor raid was at the Bridgeton Wal-mart this morning, I did not find Chewie or OB1.

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    This morning/opening at Wal-Mart (Manchester) found:

    Obi-Wan Pilot - 2 on the pegs, both cards in semi-bad shape. I grabbed the best of the two.

    Chewbacca - Again, card makes me believe the case took a few blows. Only one though????

    Lastly, one Han Solo (which I found last week). I pulled this and the other new OB1 out from the back of the peg and re-hung on the front; I forgot to check to see if this was a "grey waist peg" or whatever it's called. I'm curious if the "grays"are hitting stores now. Hopefully so; increasing rarity of white.

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    Today at noon I found Han, Chewy and Obi-Wan Pilot at the Kirkwood Wal-Mart. They had at least 2 of each when I left.


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