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    Toys R' Us in Chesterfield - X-Wing Fighter
    Wal-Mart/Chesterfield Crossings - Action Fleet

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    Has anyone seen any Ki-Adi's or Teemto's, I heard reports of people finding them 2 weeks ago. Everytime I go to Walmart they are just stocked full of Hans, Endor Rebel and Palpatines.
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    The Kirkwood Target has 4 pegs of accessory sets. They have all 4 of them.

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    St. Ann Wal-Mart has marked all ATOC 3.75 figures to $3. The preview figures are $2, and the new Action Fleet is only $6. They have mostly pegwarmers, but still have battle droids, Super battle droids, and endor rebel soldiers for the army builders.

    The Kirkwood Wal-Mart also marked down their remaining POTJ to $4.

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    South Co. TRU has the new landspeeder, X-wing and new Unleashed except Vader I got the last one.
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    Kirkwood Target has Sith Training Maul , Tattooine Anakin and 3 Aklays.

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    Target on Manchester received the same. Two each of the figures were still available as of eight hours ago. Three or four Acklays.

    Stopped by Toys R' Us - Chesterfield, one Unleashed Anakin, which I purchased. Cust. service dude offered help, located another case in the back, honestly looked factory sealed, only to contain ALL Anakin. What gives??? Employees taking the Darth/Padme's? Anyone have packing/case assortment info?

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    I was at the Fenton Walmart at around 3:00 and they had alot of the Cantina sets.
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    Manchester Wal-Mart received their cantina sets as well.

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    Chesterfield Toys R' Us - Unleashed Darth Vader
    Bridgeton Target - Finally found the accessory sets. Only bought Endor and Arena sets. Two Hoth and one Death Star sets were still available.


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