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    Manchester Target has c3po and yoda deluxe. 1 each when I left.

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    Bridgeton Target: Deluxe 3PO & Yoda - one 3PO left. Also had one Hoth accessory left from last week, which I broke down and bought.

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    West Florissant TRU has Landspeeders. They had 5 on the shelf at 6:00.

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    Manchester Wal-Mart received 12" Dooku, Zam, & Super B.D. I only purchased one Dooku, so there was still a slew left.

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    Walmart Manchester: I bought the only Republic Gunship
    Walmart Chesterfield Valley/Boone's Crossing: 2 Gunships, I left both on the shelf.

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    I got the last Gunship at Fenton Walmart the other day, I opened it and all I can say is its awesome, I would recommend it to anyone, its worth the 40 bucks and that has been hard to say for alot of the SW stuff.
    .....strike me down with all your Hatred!

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    Chesterfield Toys R' Us: two 12" Luke/Taun on the floor. Both in great shape.

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    Manchester Wal-Mart has the R2-D2 droid.

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    KB Toys - new West County Mall - finally Ki-Adi and Teemto!!!!!!
    also picked up the KB exclusive Jedi Starfighter.

    This was yesterday during the opening, so this info is probably useless now, but there were units of each still available.

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    The KB Toys in West County Mall has CA Padme.


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