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    KB TOYS in Crestwood Plaza has 3 Playskool Falcons. They are next to the other playskool toys, and not other SW items.

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    New Deluxe and MicroMachines

    Big K-mart at Lindberg and Halls Ferry has :

    Micro AT-TE, Naboo Fighter and Solar Sailor
    Area Playset
    Deluxe Clone Trooper, Deluxe Force Flip Anakin.

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    Target on Natural Bridge has the Deluxe Geonsian and flipping Anakin.

    They also have a couple of gunships if anyone is still looking.

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    Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers, Your West Florissant Wal-mart has Slave 1 on clearance for $13. That is a whopping 50% off. They also have the Jedi Starfighter for $13. They have about a half dozen of each on the shelf in the clearance section and some more with the regular stock. The regular stock has not been retagged, but rings up the right price.

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    The Sunset Hills TRU has the Mace Windu EP II Rubies lightsaber for 5.99.

    I have almost all of these ( minus QGJ) and this one is far and away my favorite. It seems to be heavier than the others, and the blade seems thicker.

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    Lord, luck's been on your side.

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    To be sure. Just ask my wife.

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    Saw quite a bit today:

    Chesterfield Toys R' Us:
    Darth EU
    Lott Dodd
    Baby-face Endor
    Cases and cases of all the above
    Unleashed Mace

    Chest. Kmart:
    Deluxe Geo dude
    Deluxe Anakin
    Arena Battle - only one with bad box

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    Ask Yoda at kirkwood Target for $20 (24 phrases!). No thanks.

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    The Boone's Crossing Walmart has the fabled restock. Pegs full of Watto, Lott Dodd, Ki-adi, Teemto, and Clone pilots. Also TA Anakin, Padme, Maul, and Jango Pilot. Did not see Ephont Mon.

    The Manchester Wal-mart has the boxes in the aisles, but have not opened them yet.


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