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    Unleashed Tyranus - Clarkson Toys 'R Us

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    Chesterfield Toys R' Us Chesterfield - Anniversary R2-D2
    They're probably everywhere by now.

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    Very cool finds today, and a surprise to boot. Although I did not buy one.

    Electronic lightsabers in green, purple, and ORANGE?

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    Wal-mart - Manchester: huge new display near electronics, plus the normal toy section crammed full of product.
    scored two Ephant Mon's!!!! (the only two I saw)

    Wal-mart - Boone's Crossing:
    maybe a dozen figures on the pegs, and it's a large area for Star Wars toys!!!

    Quite a difference between the stores

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    Trash Compactor Set 1 - Luke and Han - Chesterfield Valley WM
    Still not a single 3 3/4" figure though.

    Yesterday, Wal-Mart on Manchester has two unopened cases of Holiday set, but no room for anything new, so nothing on the shelves yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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    Where on Manchester? Do you get out to South County (ie Lindbergh or the ones by Crestwood Plaza)?

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    Walmart - Manchester today:
    12" Zuckuss, Dengar, and Imperial Officer - NICE!
    still have yet to see the holiday sets on the shelves; five business days after seeing the unopened cases.

    approx. 1/2 mile east of Hwy 141, or 3/4 miles west of Hwy 270 on Manchester. North side of the road with Home Depot, Petsmart, Boston Market, etc..

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    I was there on Monday, and there were 2 open cases on the floor. They were more TA Anakin, Maul, Dooku, and Yoda. I could not believe it. Not a Holiday set in sight.

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    Kb toys

    Kb toys in chesterfield mall has:
    Destroyer droid,
    Counsil Yoda,
    Ephant Mon,
    Playskool Reek,
    And all the other recent releases.

    They also have the 4 pack-o-pegwarmers for $10.

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    Chicago, IL-Awaiting the next Blizzard!
    It's time to send my scout out there....she's not far from there. Just gotta finish the set before the holidays. That would be nice.


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