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    OK.....After hitting twelve WalMarts, I finally have found the Holiday set. Only after doubling back.....Got two of them! One for my friends wife and the other for myself. Wanted a third but only two left. They were hidden from sight so I have no idea how they were supposed to be displayed. Any info?
    Found in Collinsville, IL

    Also, deluxe Anakin with the little flipping thing and the Deluxe Bug Hut have been found in MANY targets!

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    Sorry, no help here. I will say that the two unopened cases a saw one morning two weeks ago, have yet to appear on the shelves. I even mentioned it to the store manager three days ago, who assured me she would find out what happened to them and have them out the following morning. I told her that it was in her best interest to find them, otherwise getting rid of them after Christmas may be a bit more difficult. But again, nothing! And yes, I've even checked the holiday shelves to no avail. Two full large boxes; you would think it would be an easy score.

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    Wal-mart in Regency square has the Lego Tie Bomber and Skyhopper.

    So does the one in Troy.

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    Wal-Mart on Natural Bridge has trash compator sets. 2 of each when I left.

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    Boone's Crossing Wal-Mart has Saga Tie Bombers. On the top shelf, above the empty pegs.

    They also have several clearance gunships and arenas. They are marked $30, but ring up at $21.

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    Wal-mart at Boone's Crossing HAD GE Darth Tyranus. I got the last one. The pegs are nearly empty again, so maybe they will reload soon.

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    2/4/03 Walmart in Arnold has 4 or 5 TIE Bombers... thought I'd throw that out here for you guys..
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    Bridgeton Wal-Mart today:

    Eeth Koth
    Rebel Trooper
    Tusken Raider

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    TRU in Sunset Hills has the new 12" Anakin, Gonosian, and Padme for $20.

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    Does everyone here know that there is a website just for collectors in Missouri. Go to and register. We need more people from the STL area.
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