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    Mace Windu (Arena Confrontation) at gravios walmart. Did not see the others from his wave.

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    not a first time find but...

    Kmart at Lindbergh and Halls Ferry had Preview figures for $3.50.
    I bought 1 clone trooper and left at least 3 more. They also had 4 12" electronic Obi-Wans for $7 each.

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    Found the R2D2, Boba Fett, Anakin, and Mace wave at WalMart in Granite City, IL......found Lama Su, Library Droids and Ayla Secura at Wal Mart in Litchfield.

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    Chewie and Han and R2 are at the Kirkwood Walmart.

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    trash compactor scenes at the West Florissant Wal- Mart. They were on the bottom shelf behind Buzz Lightyear.

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    Hail Fire driod and deluxe super battle droids at the Florissant Target. There was still a deluxe SBD when I left at 6:00.

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    I meant spider droid, not hail fire driod. A common mistake as they are spelled nothing alike and are very dissimilar.

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    Mass Quantities of Imperial 4 packs at Sunset Hills TRU.

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    Bariss Offee at Florissant Target. There was 1 left on a bent card at 6:00 PM

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    Red battle droid and blonde Officer were at the Bridgeton Target this afternoon on extremely damaged cards


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