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    Green clonetrooper and Jedi 3-Packs at South Count TRU

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    Thanks Spacelord.. 1st time this actually kinda worked out. I live close to that store and stopped in today after seeing your post. I was able to pick up a 3 pack of troopers, leaving a few other behind, but the jedi 3 pack was looong gone. oh well..

    Thanks again for the post.
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    3 Bounty Hunter sets at the Sunset Hills TRU. Target and Wal-mart had nothing new.

    mini-rant: I think the bounty hunter set is horrible.

    I'm glad someone gets something out of these posts, Tonysmo. It seems we are in a bit of a lull around here.

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    I found the second set of Screen Scenes at the Bridgeton Target. I took the last one of each.

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    .. seriously though, great find! I havent been out to look lately.. maybe soon!
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    I found the Clone War value packs at the Manchester Wal-mart around 12:00. This time, I left a set.

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    Hail fire droid and Geonosian fighter at the Balldwin target. 1 Left of each at 12:00. They also had 2 each of the 2nd edition screen scenes.

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    The Rock Road KMart had WA-7, ANH Luke and Vader, ROTJ Emperor, ANH Han, Wat Tambor and Dannl Faytonni. They had been totally crushed. All the cards were severely damaged. About half the figures have something wong with them (bent limbs, accessories, etc.)

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    Sunset Hills TRU has the Hoth 4 pack.
    Kirkwood Wal-Mart is jammed full of Clone Wars Anakin, Yoda, and ARC Trooper.

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    Summary of my recent finds on my trip to St. Louis......

    1. TRU in Fairview Heights had the Genosian Fighter along with the first set of Screen Scenes.
    2. Target in O'Fallon had Clone Wars figures (Anakin Only)
    3. WalMart in Collinsville had the Value Packs. They had all three, slightly damaged, and they were on the edge of an end cap in a blue cardboard display case.


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