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    Not exactly new, but the South County TRU has the Anakin and Dooku speeders. 2 of each at 12:00.

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    Florissant Target had six A-wings last night. No sign of the speeder bikes.

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    KB @ Crestwood Plaza has the value packs for $5.99. They also have the yellow and red trooper packs for $14.99 (ouch). Only a few left of each. They had tons of the yoda and C3po deluxe sets for $4.99 each.

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    South County TRU has alt least 3 of the Hoth Pack containing the taun taun without the broken horn.

    The Kmart down the street has the Durge and "new" clone trooper deluxe sets. 2 left of each at 12:00.

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    Clone Wars Wave 2 in plentifull supply at the Gravois Bluff Wal-mart.

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    Florissant Target has the Dagobah lego set.

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    This morning: Wal-Mart at Lindbergh & 44

    Fan's Chooice #4 - Concept Stormtrooper
    Imperial Dignitary - Janus Greejatus
    Bail Organa
    Padme Amidala - Lars' Homestead
    Elan Sleazabaggano
    I got the only one of each.

    Also Toy's 'R Us at Watson & 44 has approx 10-12 RED Arc Troopers

    The days off to a good start. Now need to find Clone Wars Wave 2.

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    The Target at 55 and Lindberg has Anakin's starfighter.

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    Clone Wars are abound, so I guess that I can't say too much about them. I was unaware of this though: Clone Wars Value packs at KB in Fairview Heights.

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    as of noon 11- 21 walmar on telegraph ( south county ) had 2 or 3 of each left - asajj ventress and durge.
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