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    12" Biker Scout wave at Sunset Hills TRU.

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    The Hazelwood Dollar General has the Yoda/Super battle droid, C3PO/Battle droid, Slicing Anaking and Force flip Obi-wan for $2 each. They also have the 3 packs of lego battle droids.

    The Sunset Hill TRU has the Spider Droid on the Clone Wars card.

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    Animated Clone Wars wave 2 at the Kirkwood Target. They had at least 2 of all 4 at 1:00.

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    Kirkwood Wal-Mart has the Ultra Wave 2. At least 3 of each left at 11:00.

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    Chesterfield Valley Wal-Mart: ROTJ wave minus Lando in skiff

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    Manchester Wal-Mart: Tie Pilot and Capt. Antilles. Did not see the others

    South County TRU: 12" Obi-wan wave.

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    Toys R' Us - Bridgeton:
    Unleashed Clonetrooper, Chewbacca, Luke X-Wing
    I grabbed the only one of each.

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    The Fenton Target has all 4 screen scenes on clearance for $10 each.

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    Chesterfield goodness

    Chesterfield TRU has lots of the Yavin wave.
    Chesterfield Target has the Obiwan and Maul glasses and the Ultra Obiwan and Jango Fett.
    Chesterfiled Wal-Mart has some of the Yavin wave.

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    Bridgeton Target:

    Found one Tanus Spijek


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