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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Kirkwood Walmart had VOTC Luke's around 12:30. I didn't see ESB Vader or Yoda.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    High Ridge K-Mart had a few VOTC Lukes tonight, if any one is still looking. I have not seen any Vaders or Yodas either.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Definitley not a first time find, but it was so wierd I had to post it. At lunch today I went to St. Ann Walmart and they had 4 of the red card Episode I figures. Captain Tarpals, the 1st Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, and I can't remember the other one. Now I've seen old figs pop up here and there over the years, but these looked like they were fresh out of the case! The card were in perfect shape and they weren't dusty. Anyway, that's all really. Just got a kick out of it and thought I'd share it with you guys.

    Oh yeah, otc Hand stand Luke, and dagobah Yoda were there too.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Ferguson TRU had 1 each VOTC Vader, Yoda, and Luke. Now just Yoda and Luke, They also had a new 4 pack I hadn't seen yet, with a speeder bike, a couple of Ewoks, and the POTF Endor Han.

    Ferguson WalMart had a couple dozen VOTC Lukes. I didn't see Vader or Yoda, but they had 2 stacks on the top shelf that I couldn't reach or see.


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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Kirkwood target has VOTC Vader, Yoda, Luke, Lando and C-3po. The pegs were jammed full at 12:30.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Looks like Targets the place to be...VOTC Lando, 3PO, Vader, and Yoda at Florrisant Target. Only one of each last night, and I got Lando. Passed on 3PO, looked pretty weak to me.

    Anybody going to the Toyman Show this weekend?

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Where is it going to be?

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Machinist hall in Bridgeton, Right next to Target. I'm not sure what time it starts, but it goes until around 2 or 2:30 on Sunday. I've only been to 2 of them. One was a few years ago and they had all kinds of SW stuff. Then I went to one a couple months ago, but I was looking for DC Direct and Marvel Legends so I didn't pay much attention to how much SW was there.

    It's basically a large room filled with scalpers, but you can find some good deals on stuff you may have missed. The best way to go is trades.

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Walmart - Manchester:
    Galactic Heroes: Chewy & C-3PO
    Figures: Bespin Luke, IG-88, handstand Luke, Carrying Cases, and many others.
    DVD 3-Packs: ROTJ, ESB, but no New Hope (same w/ Kirkwood)
    For what it's worth............

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    Re: St. Louis, MO - First Time Finds!

    Forgot about the Scout Trooper from "Battlegrounds", of course not hard to find if you pre-ordered the game from Game Stop.


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