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    Ewok Catapult Figure 2 Pack

    Hi has anyone heard any details on this exclusive? JT any word? I posted a question on the 3 exclusive ships for 2013 as to which retailers will have which ship as I thought you had posted that info. during the Toy Fair coverage but could not find it. Please responsed. Thanks MTFBWY

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    According to a Rebelscum report, the set will include Chubbray and Stemzee, though there is no confirmation on what they look like. Evidently Hasbro asked people not to take a photo of this set since it's not quite finalized yet. It's exclusive to Kmart.
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    Thanks Mr. JabbaJohnL not suprised it is a Kmart Exclusive since they had the AT-ST and the driver 2 pack and Ewok 2 pack back in the fall of 2012. Look forward to the set. Thanks for the Intell


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