Here is the premise. Assume a new line of Star Wars figures is being made. This could be now, or possibly in the distant future after the current line has died out, or perhaps you have travelled back in time to 1995 and could decide which figures should be made. In either case, which figures should be made? Imagine that they would be ultimate versions that would never need to be remade. This line will only include versions of characters seen in the six movies (either original or special edition versions), so no Clone Wars, Ewoks, Droids, Holiday Special, comics, books, video games or other expanded universe source (unless it also happens to be in the movies). The problem is that there will only be 144 figures, which means that there will be on average only 24 figures per movie.

I will not be asking for lists of 144 figures. Also, since some movies may have more characters worthy of being made into figures, I will not be asking for exactly 24 figures from each movie. Instead I will ask for 12 figures from each movie. Once we have completed that voting, I will then ask for 12 figures from the OT and 12 figures from the PT. At that point, we will have 96 of the 144 figures determined. I will then have 4 more rounds in which I will ask for 12 figures from any movie. We should imagine that the figures will be released in the order that we determine them here.

Also, since some figures appear in pretty much the same form in multiple movies, I will be doing the first round of voting one movie at a time, alternating between OT and PT. Since these are ultimate versions of the figures, you wouldn't need to vote for minor variations or movie-specific accessories or features. For example. If R2-D2 makes the list in the ANH poll, you won't need to vote for R2-D2 with sensor-scope from ESB, R2-D2 with launching lightsaber from ROTJ, or R2-D2 with rocket jets from the prequels. Whenever a figure makes the list we can decide on whether other versions of it are covered by that or not.

So, we will begin with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Please list your choices for the first 12 figures to appear. There is no need to rank them, as I will simply go by the number of votes each one receives.