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C-3PO should also make the ANH list, but I am less certain about doing one version of C-3PO working for all movies. There was an AOTC figure that had removable coverings. Perhaps an ultimate version could have different sets of removable coverings and limbs to make him resemble any of his appearances.
In an ideal world, this would be awesome, but I haven't seen any technology that suggests this is feasible. The removable pieces on the 2010 TVC C-3PO are pretty cool, but his face looks a little mask-like, and I don't think it would work for the entire body. Maybe in 10 years or so?

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Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan--BTW, would be it acceptable to include alternate heads for the AOTC and ROTS versions, since the body's basically the same?)
The body is similar, but the colors are different in each film and so is the cut of the tunic and the style of the boots, so I wouldn't want them to just lump in three heads.

Same thing for AOTC/ROTS Anakin - the colors are different (most obviously the undershirt), and then there's his gloved arm. Anakin also bulked up quite a bit (except for the reshoots when Hayden lost some of the muscle ), so I don't think a reuse would be any good there.

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Padme (Battle--perhaps with alternate head to make Sabe)
Padmé's battle gear was the same as every other handmaiden except Sabé, who was in the decoy queen getup at the time.

I'll post my list in a little bit.