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So, we have 6 figures tied for the final two spots. We shall attempt a run-off.

Vote for TWO (2) of the following figures:

Aayla Secura
Padmé - Mustafar
Palpatine - Jedi Duel
Wookie Warrior
I didn't want to pre-empt MadSlantedPower's post (what people should be voting on).

I am continuing with my Waves:

Case 5 (Sep / Oct)

Darth Vader
Bespin Luke
Slave Leia
Gamorrean Guard
Obi-Wan Padawn
Mace Windu
Super Battle Droid
Bail Organa
Commander Cody

Case 6 (Nov/Dec - and this ends the first year)

Leia (white)
Hoth Han
Lando (Bespin)
Admiral Ackbar
Bib Fortuna
Ki-Adi Mundi
Jango Fett
Anakin Jedi Knight
Obi-Wan Jedi Master

Tycho's comments...

R2D2 gets one of the main character droids in the mix.

Bespin Luke, Vader, and Yoda (with R2) basically cover Dagobah! (perhaps a Ghost Obi-Wan is missing?

Hoth Han comes in so the Snowtrooper won't be lonely. But there's Chewie and Vader already released.

Slave Leia is always popular and Jabba has several goons now, plus there's the Boussh figure and Luke Jedi. The Jabba's Palace scenerio's looking good for the basic figures we voted for.

Sebulba and Watto will expand on the Prequel Trilogy set on Tatooine. We do have a Qui-Gon figure who might also include his desert poncho and Darth Maul is out already, too. Maybe now demand is building for the Kid Anakin not yet released?

Watto and Sebulba will both probably move slower though.

Ki-Adi Mundi could fight Snowtroopers for lack of PT Galactic Marines and Bacara, but I haven't really seen him pegwarm. Mace probably won't. But Bail Organa might. Still, he and Padme are about the only non-combatant figures voted for from ROTS (and Padme hasn't made the final list yet - see MSP's voting instructions above).

Cody will sell and can fight all the droids or turn on Obi-Wan and fight him.

Of course, you can recreate the Mustafar Duel when this wave is released, as we finally get ROTS Anakin and have Jedi Master Obi-Wan.

This is Star Wars, but Case 6 is the first case to include some kind of good or bad guy type of droid. We have not voted enough Droids as Essential Characters.

I have at least 2 more waves from our first 72 figures we chose without a single droid offered in it. (Yes, C-3PO and the Destroyer Droid are coming up in year 2, and I suspect both will be in demand when they're selected for the assortment).