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    The Galactic Files

    A friend's been telling me about this new set of cards for a while. Now here's the official word.

    The Largest, Most Comprehensive Star Wars Trading Card Set. Ever.

    This fall, celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Wars with Star Wars Galactic Files, the most epic Star Wars set Topps has ever produced:
    •350 Card Base Set
    •Three Levels of Base Card Parallels: Blue (350 per subject), Red (35 per subject) and 1/1 Gold
    •10 Card "Duels of Fate" Set (1:6 Packs)
    •8 Card "I Have a Bad Feeling About This" Set (1:4 packs)
    •10 Card "Classic Lines" Set (1:4 Packs)
    •10 Card "Heroes on Both Sides" Set (1:6 Packs)
    •20 Card Foil Set (1:6 Packs)
    •Artist Sketch Cards (1:Box)
    •Plus One Manufactured Patch (Relic) Card or One Autograph Per Box. Signers include Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Ray Park, and more!

    One word: insane. It could easily take you years to complete a basic set.

    I hope Topps has a set of Galactic Files on display at C6.

    FYI: my same source said Topps is no longer release promo cards. No value or something in it.

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    Sounds cool. Definitely interested in the set, but yeah, it'd seem to be not so easy to complete one via packs (maybe even by buying whole boxes). Wonder what the per-pack price'll be.
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    The per-pack price has me worried, since the Galaxy 7 cards were $3 a pack. And since there are 12 cards per pack, I could easily see $5.

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    We could almost buy our own shipping for that!
    But who's gonna handle it kid, you?
    You bet; I'm not such a bad postage sender myself-!

    Yeah, I could see five bucks per.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    So, for those who attended Comic-Con this past weekend, any mention of this card series there? Any Topps presence there at all, for any products?
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    I won an auction for the 4 CVI promo cards (Yavin Ceremony heroes), and am awaiting their arrival. It shows online that Wed. 9/26 is the expected release date:
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    Word is (and I'm getting this from a fellow card collector) that this series won't be available at retail. Just hobby.

    If that's the case, that sucks. Topps is shooting itself in the foot.

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    I saw the word "target" on the website I posted, but then I read further and it says "target audience" of the set ("Star Wars Fans, Set Builders, Autograph Collectors, Entertainment Card Collectors".) Hmm. No hobby shops around me sell SW cards of any kind.

    I did get those 4 promo cards yesterday. I like the connections to other card numbers (with images) on the bottom of the back.
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    Checked Target: no dice. And, no card packs either. Will need to search for "local" (read: within 20 miles?!?) hobby shops, I guess. Online auctions seem to be running easily over $100 for complete sets right now. :wewillbepatient:
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    One of the online dealers I've purchased from in the past is selling the basic set and C6 cards for $35.

    Someone in my club may have sets for sale in the next few weeks. I've bought the last few sets from him. I'm thinking he'll be asking about the same.


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