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    Stopped by a/the local comic shop, and he said he'd sell me a box for $110. I thought about it, and politely said no thanks. I might not get to experience the thrill-of-pack-opening on this set.
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    One of the online vendors I've purchased from in the past is selling the basic set, with the four C6 cards, for $35.

    Someone in my club has bought a case or two and might have extra sets for sale, but it won't be for $10, he says.

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    Guess what I found at the Target Boutique this morning? Yep, Galactic Files! $3.19 a pack. I bought three packs. No sketch or auto or other fancy cards...yet.

    The card itself is a high-quality stock, nice and heavy.

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    I found some Jumbo Packs at Target, which were 16 cards (for $5.29) in two 8-card pouches. I got four (but kicked myself for leaving my $5 gift card at home ). No duplicates at all, and a few insert subsets ("I Have a Bad...," Famous Quotes, Duels of Fate, Heroes on Both Sides) cards, but I don't think I got any different color cards (if they're even still doing that).
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    I got one Bad Feeling card and two battle cards, Geonosis and Hoth.

    I'll have to look for the jumbo packs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    I'll have to look for the jumbo packs.
    Here's what the jumbo packs look like... and BTW, are there "different" packs (I see in online pics that Bespin Luke is on the hobby packs) out there, with various characters on them?

    p.s. Found three 9-card packs at Target (with Yoda on the wrapper), and pulled a "Heroes," a "Bad Feeling," AND a foil one of Han's Cloud City Torture. Also, my first duplicate cards. But I ordered the set (plus two of the insert subsets) online for under $33 including shipping.
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    Very cool.

    A guy in the club is selling a set for $30. I might take him up on it.

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    I've been reading the backs of the full set (I also got the "Heros on Both Sides," "Classic Lines," and "I Have A Bad feeling" subsets), which are ripe with EU and trivia info., plus some not-seen-before pics. on the fronts and backs. This is a great set, especially for those who are new to SW.
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    Some specific things noted: errors and oddities (the Battles of Endor and Hoth have had incorrect years listed in different cards [2 or 3 ABY, and 3 or 4 ABY], 4LOM had some Force Power, the Spirit Obi-Wan still registered on the "Speed" category while Duchess Satine gets a 0 in Intelligence).

    I have a complete set, so I have about 50 extra regular cards, plus some subset extras (HB-5, HB-8, BF-2, BF-4, and CL-1), if "anyone" wants to trade or deal. That's based on ALL the DIFFERENT posters in this thread, of course.
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    I am collecting these also. The only ones I am interested in though are the return of the jedi vehicles, beasts, and character regular cards. I am not a big fan of the inserts. What rotj cards do you have extra, BELCAM??
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