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    I will probably buy a set from my friend, since he normally has extras for sale. I haven't bought a box of cards since the ESB 3D cards several years ago. Just too expensive.

    Would love to have the subsets for the Galactic Files series cheap.

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    I understand from a guy in my club that two cards came with the latest edition of the SW Insider. Don't know if that was a subscriber exclusive or what; I stopped subscribing about three years ago. I'm gonna stop at the local bookstore tonight and check.

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    The bookstore still had the previous issue (the ROTJ 30th anniversary coverage) on the stand. However, on the back page it did state that two Topps cards would be included in the next issue. I'm going out on a limb and saying that should include news stand editions.

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    Quick online searches seem to have this JL set as hobby-only. If that's true; bummer. So I ordered a set (with two of the insert sets) online.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Quick online searches seem to have this JL set as hobby-only. If that's true; bummer. So I ordered a set (with two of the insert sets) online.
    I might be wrong, but I thought that was the case with the previous set but I've been known to be wrong...from time to time.

    Yoda's News reports that there are four preview/promo cards. The downside is, you have to buy two issues of the Insider. I will be on the lookout.

    BTW, found a new outlet for picking up the Insider: Kroger! At least one of the bigger Krogers in my area carries it.

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    I got the regular set, plus the Influences and Connections sub-sets. It's nice looking, except the card backs are boring (only words on most cards, often with as much as half the card back with empty space). I haven't read through many of them yet.

    [edit] I see a glaring error in the construction of this set: TOO MUCH EMPTY SPACE on the card backs. Since there are two series in the set (Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker labeled like 1A, 2A,.../1L, 2L,...), a great idea would have been to put the opposite series' photo (even in B&W, like the old Topps ESB cards) in that empty space, since the card title for each card number is the same in each series. Also, on one card, apparently Anakin was married to Padm; plus Lightsaber is usually capitalized for some reason.
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    I read where your can order the subscriber preview cards from the Insider, or one of its distributors. I might do that. I will get the newsstand issue in the next day or so.

    Since this is a smaller set of cards, and if my friend offers the subsets for sale, I might have to grab the gusto and get 'em.

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    I bought the newsstand issue of the Insider over the weekend. Since I had family in town, I didn't open it. I sat it down...somewhere and can't find it!!!!

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    I think you're right, BC. I think these cards will be a hobby-only series. I keep checking Target every time I go in with hopes of finding them, but no luck. A Parks and Recreation card set (really?!?) but no SW.

    Funny thing: the comic shop I frequent the most doesn't have them either. I haven't asked but no new card display boxes setting out on the counter.

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    Every "hobby shop" I've called or visited has said they don't carry them. Sad. Nothing in retail department stores (i.e. Target), either. Why would you NOT want to sell them? Just order a few boxes (or even just ONE) to see.
    "That's what Sheev said."


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