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    Even though I'll be buying a complete basic set from a fellow collector in a few weeks, I still like to get a few packs from the store.

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    Closest I was able to do with that was to also get a complete set, but I bought a few (think it was 3 or 4) unopened packs, too. Those packs netted me a few magenta and blue parallels, and a couple extra subset (Connections, Influences) cards.
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    My club had its yearly fundraising auction over the weekend. The guy who I've bought sets of cards from didn't have any with him, but he did donate a basic set and the subsets for the auction. So guess who got both for a sweet price??? This guy!!!!

    The numbering is confusing. Like the artwork on the front but thought there were some that were almost too similar. Haven't read all of the cards. Ran out of sleeves for them.

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    Picked up the latest Non-Sports Update at the comic shop over the weekend just for the Galactic Files 2 promo card. It's of Vader. Have to see the rest of the set to see if it's a true promo card or what.

    Since GF #1 was in the store, I'm hoping #2 will, also. If not, I won't be surprised.

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    So, this was already released? Only to hobby shops, or in Target-like places? I'll have to start checking.
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    The street release date was July 31, but I haven't seen anything at the retail and hobby stores. My area's big comic shop doesn't carry that many trading cards anymore.

    The base sets, subsets, sketch cards, medallion cards, etc... are on ebay.

    Getting a little tired of these red and blue chase cards. I'm not a completist (at least anymore) but it's getting a little out of hand. Just give me a basic set of trading cards.

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    I consider them "chase cards" in that they (supposedly) have additional value; I don't seek them out, but it's nice to snag one (blue snag?) in a pack. But they just seem like a silver/grey IG-88 "variant" level to me.

    I saw that release date online, but have never seen them nowheres.
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    Still seen in no stores. You know, I may just pass on this set. Not going to make them even remotely available to buy conveniently? Might not buy at all, Topps.
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    Same here. Did a mini-toy run this morning and checked several Targets, and nada.

    The big card collector in the club is bound to have basic sets for sale here soon.


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