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Thread: AOTC in Canada!

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    It's official.

    All the preview figures have been sighted here in Ottawa.

    Got me a Jango tonight, the set is of four is complete.

    Now, just gotta find that Jedi Starfighter...
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    Haven't seen them here in New Brunswick yet...but I bought 2 R3T7's last weekend over at Wal-Mart in Maine for $6.44 each. They had tons of Jango, Clone Trooper, Zam, and R3T7's. In light of that...I decided to only get a couple of R3T7's. Nice droid and I love the "lightning" that he comes with. Hmmmm....that lightning would look nice on Jedi Luke (for Emperor's Wrath diorama!).
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    I just found R3, Clonetrooper and Zam at TRU in Saint John NB. No Jango yet but he'll turn up. The Clonetrooper is pretty good (I got two), Zam's alright except for her pea-head and her V crotch, but I am blown away by R3-T7. Now here's a figure who, when I first saw pics on the net, I though was pretty crappy. Now that I have him I see how wrong I was. The detail on him is amazing!! the blue lightning stuff looks great on my FX R2 too!! I highly recommend R3-T7.
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    I almost forgot, TRU in Saint John also had the Lego Jedi Starfighter. I don't collect the SW Legos but it was good to see some AOTC stuff around.
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