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    Snowtrooper Sideshow Exclusive Edition Militaries of Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Very nifty, I just preordered. But that $150 is a tough price after the Stormtrooper was $90 and the Sandtroopers have been $125, so I may not be able to pull the trigger come shipping time if Sideshow can't make a persuasive argument for justifying the price.

    Is it wrong that I want that face shield to be made of crinkly material instead of hard plastic?

    They also put up the e-web heavy cannon accessory, SAME PRICE!!! What??? It looks nice and all, but is it made of diamonds? That's not the same complexity as this figure, it has only 2 points of movement and no cloth elements, not even a bunch of colors. No way I can see paying that much coin for that piece, no matter how keen it looks.

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    I just pre-ordered this guy. Was going to get the gun, expecting it to be under $50.... but $150?!? It's made from a bunch of stick parts! Ugh... pass.

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    I am not buying.

    I have 2 Hasbro Hoth Snowtroopers.

    1. I hope some of these parts can make Cmdr. Bacara's Galactic Marines. I'll buy 2 of those.

    2. I hope SideShow offers two distinct face sculpts for Hoth Rebel Soldiers to fight my snowtroops.

    3. I'd buy General Veers as well, to command them.

    4. ESB SideShow want list:

    Leia red Bespin Gown
    Lobot (possibly - might be a really weak seller though)
    Gonk Droid (might be Hoth accessorized)

    There's not really that much. I don't replace the Hasbro figures that I already own and like.

    ESB was previously very well covered in the 1/6 scale.

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    I ordered one Trooper. I think we're all in for a real shock with the prices on these things...they're only going to go higher. That's going to dampen the rush on these in the future. I'm with JT on this one though...$150 for this Trooper is a tough sell, especially after we've seen some PT Troopers with more distinct (not stock) gear and armor going for almost $30. less.
    We've been clamoring for Hoth stuff form's our first hit and it's a pricy that Tauntaun is $300+ when it's offered up...with any Hoth Rebels hovering around the $200 range....
    I can see why they went with the solid piece for the face mask...the sculpted look maintains scale a little better than any pleather-like or vinyl material would (remember how Hasbro looks-okay but a little "off") - the one thing that would've made the sculpted portion of the Trooper's mask be really cool is if Sideshow made it removable/interchangeable so if one had multiple troopers, they could have some variety in their display.
    The cut-n-sew looks good, but as we've seen before, this is the prototype and things can change during production (see the current fires raging online regarding the recently released Boba Fett's vest alteration from proto to production that radically changes the look of the figure. Will that happen with the Snowtrooper? We'll see.... At $150., it would be nice if Sideshow could manage to match the proto as close as possible for production.

    As for that it die-cast metal or something close? Better be for that price. Too steep for that accessory....

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    I'm really close to that point of not getting any more sideshow product. 150 for a trooper is insane. I was okay with 120 130 for the commanders, but this is too much. I'm going to have to really think about this one. I'm most definitely holding off until January before placing an order. I waited on Bacara exclusive until last Saturday and didn't have a problem getting him. And while Bacara is a good looking figure there are some annoying quality issues that even though are not enough for me to return the figure they do give me pause. If I was sure the prototype is representative of what the final product will be the sell would be easier. At 150 if there are quality issues that is unacceptable. If I miss the snow trooper oh well.

    I abondoned Hasbro collecting a year after revenge of the Sith because of quality issues and a feeling of not getting my money's worth. And that fact that they were just rereleasing the same sculpts on different cards saturated the market.

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    I like the idea of interchangable masks for this figure to mix up the uniform look of having multiples together, I'd prefer that over real material for sure. Plus then they could do the Snowtrooper commander's style of smooth mask/shield as well.

    Kept my Hasbro Tauntaun for just that reason.

    Oh man, the blocky look on Fett's vest, that's a good point.

    Die cast is not a bad thought, but even then I'd still have trouble seeing where the price went.

    Dang, you were able to get an SE as the figure was shipping? That's a really bad sign for the line, seems like Sideshow was able to see this brand as a heavy hitter for them and now it's fading as the price goes up without a bump in quality. Maybe they should just shelf the 1:6 and concentrate on Premium Format.
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    I ordered the Snowtrooper but not the canon. No need for a $150 cannon for now, when on sale i might get it. I hope they will fix the small Asian eyes on the helmet though. A second helmet shroud with a different wrinkles sculpt would have been welcomed for those intending in army building
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    The Snowtrooper - which is still available as an SE, btw - is now listed in the newsletter as coming in the next 30 days. Sideshow however still has no production sample photos, so they want $150 blind for this piece, and I'm not sure I can justify that right now, that's a lot of coin (more than any soldier to date) and I have a few expenses coming up in the next 30 days. I'd really like to see how the production piece looks before pulling the trigger there.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Well...there are pics and reviews of the cannon popping up as it's shipping. General vibe is...nice piece, too expensive for what it is.

    Yes, there a no Production pics surfacing yet for the Snowtrooper...but as with the recently released "Bossk" (mine shows up next week), no production pics showed up early either and judging from the pics and chatter appearing around the boards on that one....the figure is a knock-out quality-wise.

    The clones have been terrific...and Sideshow has shown an affinity for really nailing the "military"-type releases (their "GI-Joe" line has had one great release after another) I'm hopeful that this "Hoth-geared" Imperial will be a stunner...a $150. stunner? Well....that remains to be seen...but as has been the case with this line lately, the release schedule shrinks, but the prices go up.

    Here's hoping the quality goes up too...


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