Even though Hasbro is stretched thinner in staff this year, they have granted us a few minutes dedicated interview time with each of their major brands during Comic-Con. I know there have been some TF and GI Joe questions being batted around the forums already, so this thread is to help us gather them into a single place. We don't have a lot of time, Comic-Con starts Wednesday and our interviews start Thursday, so the sooner you get these questions in, the more likely we are to use them.

Please keep in mind that these are in-person questions, but make sure they're appropriate - if you can't imagine saying something in front of your grandmother, then probably it needs to be toned down or edited in some way.

Also, make sure to give us any fundamental background to your question, if it's something that a casual fan of the brand might not know, then make sure to clarify as best you can to help out whomever is doing the interview ask the question you want asked get answered properly.

Don't worry about length of question, but keep in mind that these are short interviews so we won't be able to use all questions.

We already have a SW thread like this, so for SW post there. For Marvel, GI Joe, and Transformers, post below (and mark which brand you're asking about if it's not entirely clear).