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    To the IDIOT that paid $275 for Jango Fett

    To the IDIOT that paid $275 for Jango Fett on ebay a few weeks ago: Dear sir, you are a total flaming, scalper-feeding, idiot. I just picked one up for $6. How do you feel now? Has the warm feeling of glee that you felt when you paid $275 for this stupid figure outwieght the shame, humiliation and foolishness you now feel as the rest of us now have thus for $269 less than you paid, you flaming fool!
    The wild-stanced E2 figure poses suck!!!!

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    Thank you for that unfocused personal attack. Flaming's so much easier when you can't say it to a face, eh?
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    Dear yaddles poo,

    I just so happen to be the guy you're talking about who paid that price on Ebay......and for your information, Mr. Smarty-pants, MY Jango Fett, unlike YOURS, comes autographed by America's most-beloved and gut-busting hilarious comediess: Carol Channing. That's right! None other than "Hello Dolly" herself! NOW who's the idiot, buddy!?!

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    I would say nonobys an idiot here
    if you like to pay that much for a fig with an autograph that's fine and nobody should argue about that
    I personally wouldn't pay that much but I don't care who does what - as long as you're happy with your fig it's ok

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    Too much money and not to much sense. But hey, if there is someone out there who would pay that much for a figure that you can pick up later at $7.00 more power to them.
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    (I paid $6 for mine and I opened him)
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    The thing people don't get is that getting a figure before it's shipping date no matter the cost doesn't give you bragging rights, finding it for the cheapest price after it comes out does.
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    There is no way I would pay that kind of money for any figure. I finally found the preview figures at Wal-Mart yesterday and they had two cases worth. I love collecting these things but it's not worth paying some crazy scalper price for something that WILL be on the store shelfs in a matter of days
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    Samething can be said about someone who pays 6-7 dollars for a figure. I give you an example...

    I often get my toys by going to K-mart and telling them that wal-mart of target has their Star Wars action figures for 2.88. Well, this was true about 2 years ago, when episode 2 was on it's way out. Hope I didn't put K-mart under!

    Anyways, you pay 6-7, and I pay hafe that. Now who's the fool?

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    I did a huge favour for a friend of mine and received all 4 for my trouble They now stand pride of place, along with the battle droid, on Real Stands. I'm a happy man!


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