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    I wish the Geonosian wasn't wearing Sun Fac's outfit, maybe the final product won't be.

    Most Geonosians don't wear anything except the skirt or whatever you call it.

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    The landing leg on the bike is removable, it's for displaying off its clear stand. There's also a removable e-web-style cannon that clips onto the midsection of the bike for more play options, and the set is aiming to be under $20.

    Sun Fac is that Geonosian's name, and when asked at the panel, Leland Chee confirmed it's "Sun Fac", a single name rather than a first and last.
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    Why release Sun Fac again or are they just calling it a Geonosian Warrior on the card?

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    The card will probably say "Geonosian Warrior." The back of the Anakin card shows it that way, and so does the slide. This could change, of course, as the package was just a mock-up. But the figure has both eyes painted, so it's just a Geonosian of the same class as Sun Fac, but not specifically Sun Fac.

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    That sounds dirty.

    And a quick "Oh, DAMN!!" Because I just learned that the droids are BAD's. The pilot droid was one of the very few figures I wanted at all; I'm sure (especially at the now-likely $10+ price point) I won't be getting all his pieces.
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    With the announcement of the end of the Vintage line, I will end my collecting of Star Wars figures. If or when they bring it back I will start buying again, Hasblo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    The pilot droid was one of the very few figures I wanted at all; I'm sure (especially at the now-likely $10+ price point) I won't be getting all his pieces.

    I'm a carded collector but I love droids so the last B.A.D. line posed a real problem for me. I wasn't about to buy doubles of everything, but I really wanted those droids. Luckily I could usually pick up whole droids cheap (relatively) from Ebay sellers working out of China and the Phillipines. The astromechs were around $12-15 each and the others were $20-25.

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    Has anyone had any luck tracking down the Kmart AT-ST and Ewok packs? I've hit the only two Kmarts within a half hour of me and they seem like they've got a peg for it (says "SW Vintage Mixed $14.99) but they're cleaned out with no idea when they'll be getting them. I'm a bit concerned that they have already come and gone (I was out of the country on the date that is on the printed tag 9/20/12, and when I got back and checked, the pegs were empty).... Anybody have any insight?
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