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    Has anyone had any luck tracking down the Kmart AT-ST and Ewok packs? I've hit the only two Kmarts within a half hour of me and they seem like they've got a peg for it (says "SW Vintage Mixed $14.99) but they're cleaned out with no idea when they'll be getting them. I'm a bit concerned that they have already come and gone (I was out of the country on the date that is on the printed tag 9/20/12, and when I got back and checked, the pegs were empty).... Anybody have any insight?
    I finally saw them for the first time last week.

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    I got them a few weeks ago and have only seen them one other time, at two different stores - neither store had shelf tags for them, and the second store didn't even have them with the rest of the SW stuff (I had to turn around to see them). Kmart typically gets in their exclusives slowly, but they'll soon be back - and in greater numbers. Usually Kmart's exclusives have been pretty snoresville, while these are actually exciting and interesting, so they will probably be a little bit tougher to track down, but I'd keep checking, and at as many Kmart stores as possible.
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    Hi DarkJedi5. I have an extra Ewok & AT ST set unopened. I live in Ohio and picked up a few sets. I do have them on ebay now for best offer. If you are interested I would be willing to sell them for $45 shipped. That will be what I paid for them, the tax, shipping with confirmation and the cost of the packing supplies. If interested let me know. Thanks.


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