Even though it's just preview night, and I don't think it will be officially open for a while, SSG has already put up a couple shots on Facebook - one is of the already-revealed Kmart AT-ST, but the other shows off two new AT-ST-themed two-packs, both in "Special Action Figure Set" packaging! The AT-ST Driver and AT-ST Gunner set looks to use the body from the 2010 Hoth set, hopefully with Richard Marquand and Robert Watts heads! The other set is the Ewoks who hijack the vehicle, here called Widdle Warrick and Wunka - different from the same figures released as "Wicket and Oochee" a few years back, and much updated! For some reason, Wunka has a green hood, though the one in the film has a black one (the Ewoks in the film are different outside the ship than they are inside, presumably due to different filming locations, so who knows what's even going on there). I wonder if it comes with an alternate hood, like the Ewok multipack? I also wonder if these might be Kmart exclusives to go with the AT-ST itself.

Anyway, I'm giddy as a damn schoolgirl for more updates.