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    Thumbs up Victory! Jocasta Nu - Exclusive To Brian's Toys!!

    "It will be a day long remembered."
    "We have seen a figure of Yarna D'al Gargan, we will soon see one of Jocasta Nu."

    While it's been a long time since I posted here since I don't really collect Star Wars anymore outside of the Playskool and Fighter Pods toys, I had to come running to celebrate with my fellow Star Wars fans that one of the true Holy Grail figures is finally getting made. Everyone's favorite feisty Jedi Librarian. Her strong showing in the recent poll must have made Hasbro rethink they're refusal to make her. So she'll be one figure just like the recent Jar Jar Binks figures that they've made that I'll come out of retirement to own. Woo Hoo!!

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    She's $24.99 at Brian's Toys, which is causing some pretty hilarious nerd rage at various places online. I'm fine with that price, they packed enough stuff in there to make it feel worthwhile; Brian's isn't known for its good prices; they can't really reuse any of this tooling on other figures, so it's a big investment; they're probably keeping the run low as well. I'd rather have this than have her clog up the pegs even more than they already are.
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    I understand it's kinda insanely priced in a lot of people's eyes. But I agree with your points. It's not like it's just a cheap kitbash figure with no extra swag. The bust and pillar are awesome. And so is the fact we're finally getting her. Plus she looks fabu. I may have to order her at some point here.

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    They also included a little bag for her to do her grocery shopping.

    Well, $24.99 for one figure? I guess now we know why making the Star Wars line an online exclusive line is a very, very, VERY, VERRRRRY bad idea.

    Anyways, I'm glad that those who wanted her now have a chance to get her. I have no interest in the character, although I think this might be a good avenue for Hasbro to produce other super-obscure, or "unmarketable" figures.
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    Pricey, but understandable for how niche she is. I missed this news today and didn't see it until I got home, and then I peed in my pants.
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    Word on the street is, she was supposed to be the CVI exclusive. If people don't ask more at SDCC, I'll bug them about it at CVI, since this is an interesting development. I guess they've had figures exclusive to different sites before - StarWarsShop used to get some but has since closed down; Entertainment Earth got a ton of boxed sets; there were some less-than-interesting EU offerings that were shared by multiple sites. Maybe this could open the door to things like Jaxxon, for whom I would gladly pay $25.
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    You know, while Rebelscum makes some pretty cool photo galleries of the figures, I was disappointed in Jocasta Nu's.

    They did not recreate the scene where she won the Boonta Eve Podrace as a retired Jedi.

    They did not show that she actually survived, and secretly helped Luke Skywalker safely arrive on Endor so he could later contront his father and help defeat Palpatine's Empire. At over 120 years of age, Jocasta rode a souped-up swoop bike on Endor just ahead of Luke and Leia's speeder bikes. There were actually a lot more scout troopers just off camera during that event, but Jocasta on her bike, also accompanied by no less than 4 of the most bad-arse Ewoks in the tribe, rode iterference and the Ewoks through rocks at the Scout Troopers. George Lucas had always planned for that scene, but he finally decided against it because he didn't have time in ROTJ to also flashback to Jocasta's completely awesome and radical backstory.

    See, Jocasta was also secretly training Darth Maul. She'd already knew about the Sith before Qui-Gon did because Darth Plageuis had been a guest speaker at a cosmetic surgery convention sponsored by Damosk Holdings, Inc. (Darth Plageuis was Hego Damosk, head CFO of a Muun pharmaceuticals company he used as a front for Sith alchemy). Anyway, as Jocasta was trying to spy on him in order to learn secrets that would help her reduce her wrinkles and restore her complection to how she appeared at a time when she was a young 78 years old, she discovered Damosk's other Sith secrets. She tracked those back to Darth Maul instead of Palpatine because she was misled. But instead of killing Maul, she started using her ultimate gigantic absolutely galactic, cosmic awesomeness to train Maul to kill Plageuis. Palpatine knew about this, but didn't want to blow his cover as Darth Sidious, and he wanted his master dead anyway, as all Sith kill their masters eventually. It was during pillow talk that he actually and intentionally let the information slip to Jocasta Nu. Consquently, because she was sleeping with him, she did not fine Palpatine for all the used library books about the Sith that Palpatine had out and kept overdue from their place in the Jedi Temple.
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