I finally got mine sometime this past week and cracked her open on Saturday. She's pretty cool, actually. The skirt is a bit stiff so she can't use her legs much, but the overall set is impressive. I really like Dooku's bust and I wish they'd do more of these scene pieces (without, y'know, having to pay more than twice as much for the figure to get them).

I got the proof card as well, though it was punched while the figure itself was unpunched.

It's pretty annoying that people who ordered in November got her within a week, and people who pre-ordered had to wait six months. My card wasn't even charged until January 9. So what exactly is the point of pre-ordering, then? I know they're a sponsor of this site and that the figure wouldn't have been made otherwise, but I hope this is the last time Hasbro gives Brian's Toys an exclusive.