Here's a bit of an odd question. I think it's bogus, but figured I'd throw it out to be confirmed or denied for certain.

I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine who's also a SW collector commented on a status from a page called "Star Wars The Vintage Collection." Their status reads as follows:
WTF?!?!!? Hasbro management need a kick in the head!!!! Khai

*IMPORTANT NEWS FOR VINTAGE COLLECTORS* Last wave of vintage will NOT be reaching USA/CAN/AUS retail At ALL! Only online stores will get stock. Only EUR will get limited retail stock. Last wave of Vintage drama as usual. Don't say we didn't warn you...
Several comments from people freaking out, and I had the momentary "Omigod! How will I get the last wave? Is there even anyone in that wave I need?" thoughts. I even checked the site they cited, which I'd never heard of before tonight but appears to be a SW collecting blog, and can't find this information there anywhere.

Like I said, looks to me to be 110% made up, but has anyone heard anything along these lines (preferably from a reputable source)?

Or should I break out PhotoShop, play around with some photos from earlier conventions, and claim to have bought some of the canceled G.I. Joe figures at Ross so I can make everyone rush out to look for figures that were never produced? (Just kidding.)