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    Smile London Olympics 2012

    The two week period of global peace begins this weekend. Michael Phelps not only says he's out of the running (swimming?) for the US flag bearer in the Opening Ceremonies, he won't even BE there since his first event is the next day. Hmm.

    Beyond the standard track & field, sprint swimming, gymnastics, and basketball events; I don't don't know which other ones I'd say "ooh! gotta see that!"

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    Opening ceremonies were pretty good, with more humor than typical Games have had. Trying to see "live" events isn't easy, based on what's televised. Might have to check in with online content if I really want to see a short event as it happens (I won't watch full b-ball games, gymnastics routines, or cycling races that way), like swimming or running races.
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    I thought the opening ceremones were terriable, that whole 'story'.... ehhh. Why does there need to be a show??? Although I did like the fact that Bob Costas mentioned Our Great Leader's 11 hole's in 1 in the first round of golf in his life.

    p.s. I thought Sir Roger Bannister should have lit the flame. Who is that you ask? The first man to break 4 minutes for the mile, a feat that many thought couldn't happen.

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    So, events I will likely NOT see:
    - judo (just don't know the rules enough)
    - equestrian
    - fencing
    - sailing
    - handball
    - boxing (doesn't have the same draw as it once did)
    - weightlifting
    - trampoline

    Yes. I said trampoline. Why? WHY?!?

    Events I'm surpised I've enjoyed:
    - rowing
    - kayaking

    Events I wished I saw more of:
    - water polo
    - archery
    - indoor volleyball

    And US men's basketball scores 156... and wins by 83?!? They hit 29 3-pointers.
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    BCJ did you hear about the shennanigans in yesterdays boxing?

    As for myself, track and field started today so I'm excited about that!

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    I just read about it. I "see" nothing "wrong" with it at all. :bribe:

    Yes. Track & field will have me in front of the set for hours and hours now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    BCJ did you hear about the shennanigans in yesterdays boxing?

    As for myself, track and field started today so I'm excited about that!
    Boxing in the Olympics has always been shady, especially in light of the Roy Jones incident. They have revamped the scoring several times and it seems that no one can get rid of the taint surrounding the judging.

    Track and field is a highlight of the games, Usain Bolt is superhuman. I just wish they'd show some of the less prestigious events in prime time such as the steeplechase, decathlon and the throwing events such as the hammer and shot put.
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