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    Using What Hasbro HAS Done, To Choose What Figures We Want In The Future

    I made a list of the 102 figures I count as vintage to help me focus on recommending new figures that we don't already have.

    There are still more that I am thinking of. Add yours. Expanded Universe counts. Furthermore, I think that to sell EU (especially carded single figures) you need to offer the mainstays (Han, Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme) with new looks that interact with the other characters since everyone will recognize the name Princess Leia, even if she's sculpted 5 years after ROTJ when she's pregnant.

    So anyway, I tried to make comprehensive groupings of characters by the movie and locations they came from.

    1. Luke
    2. Han Bolux with Blue Max
    3. Leia
    4. Chewie Lowbacca Jedi Knight
    5. R2D2
    6. C-3PO
    7. Obi-Wan Kenobi Dark Times Obi-Wan like the SideShow Premium Statue, young w. gray hair
    8. Jawa
    9. Tusken Raider
    10. Darth Vader
    11. Stormtrooper Deak – Luke’s other “friend” with Cammie and Fixer
    12. Death Squad Commander (Imp Naval Trooper) - some people want a gray uniform like the Kenner figure. Unsure if this is authentic
    13. Death Star Droid Senni Tonnika
    14. Power Droid Brea Tonnika
    15. R5-D4 random moisture farmer on the street
    16. Hammerhead Tzzvvzzt
    17. Walrusman Rannat
    18. Snaggletooth Arliel Schlos - the Defel with red eyes
    19. Greedo space suit guy in bar
    20. Boba Fett Boba Fett with removeable helmet and longer hair (adult)
    21. Luke X-wing Wedge in civilian attire - Rogue Squadron
    22. Luke Stormtrooper (POTF) Janson in X-wing Pilot attire (snowspeeder was made)
    23. Death Star Gunner (POTF)
    24. Blue Snaggletooth (Sears)

    25. Han Hoth Han with short hair in Imperial Officer uniform
    26. Han Bespin
    27. Han Carbonite (POTF) super-deluxe Carbonite Han
    28. Luke Hoth Luke tan vest - SOTE
    29. Luke Bespin Luke Dagobah with Bespin jacket worn open
    30. Leia Hoth Leia as Rebel agent – comics – purple shirt, tan vest
    31. Leia Bespin
    32. Lando Bespin Lando Coruscant Security disguise SOTE
    33. R2D2 Sensorscope
    34. C-3PO Removeable Limbs C-3PO with lower leg off and held in hand (Bespin Escape)
    35. FX-7
    36. 21-B
    37. IG-88
    38. 4-LOM
    39. Zuckuss
    40. Bossk
    41. Dengar
    42. Imperial Officer Captain Palleon / Admiral Palleon – HTTE
    43. TIE Pilot Han Solo with short hair as TIE Pilot
    44. AT-AT Commander (Veers)
    45. AT-AT Driver
    46. Snowtrooper Torryn Farr
    47. Hoth Rebel Soldier Pellos Scrambas - old Rebel Fleet Trooper
    48. Hoth Rebel Commander Hobbie in snowspeeder pilot gear (X-wing EU was made)
    49. Bespin Guard (white with mustache) Bespin Guard - white guy without mustache
    50. Bespin Guard (black)
    51. Lobot
    52. Ugnaught
    53. Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot
    54. Yoda

    55. AT-ST Driver
    56. Han Endor Han with short gray hair in all black, NJO
    57. Luke Jedi Luke Spirit from Legacy
    58. Luke Endor Luke in 40's in black and gray Jedi robes, as Master
    59. Leia Boussh Leia pregnant as Jedi Apprentice
    60. Leia Endor Leia as New Republic President
    61. Lando Skiff Guard Han in Corellian General Uniform (like Madine or Lando)
    62. Lando General Lando as Nkllon Mining Baron (red outfit, HTTE)
    63. R2-D2 Lightsaber Launch
    64. Admiral Ackbar Bothan Spy Master, HTTE
    65. General Madine Kyp Durron, Jedi
    66. Endor Rebel Soldier Mara Jade Skywalker, Jedi - rumored
    67. Prune Face Jacen Solo as Darth Caedus
    68. Nien Numb Jaina Solo X-wing Pilot
    69. A-wing Pilot Tycho in X-wing pilot gear
    70. B-wing Pilot Tycho in Rebel Alliance dress uniform - like Wedge's EU figure with Bossk Fey'lya
    71. Anakin Skywalker (spirit - Sebastian Shaw) Emperor Roan Fel
    72. Emperor Palpatine (proto-forming clone Emperor Palpatine - Dark Empire)
    73. Royal Guard Princess Marisiah Fel
    74. Imperial Dignitary - Sim Aloo specifically needs to be made. Sate Pestage
    75. Bib Fortuna Cade Skywalker’s friend, pilot buddy Synn
    76. Jabba the Hutt Cane Adiss
    77. Salacious Crumb Mara Jade as Ariel
    78. Sy Snootles Darth Wrylock, Legacy
    79. Droopy McCool carded Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
    80. Max Rebo Supreme Overlord Shimra
    81. Gamorrean Guard Sgt. Doaylln, skiff guard
    82. Weequay Yuuzhan Vong female shaper
    83. Klaatu Anakin Solo
    84. Klaatu Skiff Guard Tahiri
    85. Nikto Corran Horn, Jedi
    86. Barada Guri
    87. Ree-Yees
    88. Squidhead
    89. Yak Face
    90. Amanaman
    91. Rancor Keeper
    92. EV-9D9
    93. 8-D8
    94. Chief Chirpa
    95. Logray
    96. Wicket
    97. Teebo
    98. Paploo
    99. Lumat
    100. Romba
    101. Warok - card him and make it official
    102. Bikerscout

    Then I added ones in RED that have never been made but should be made.

    Next I go to the Prequel Trilogy:

    Qui-Gon Tatooine
    Obi-Wan Obi-Wan as bounty hunter (Jedi Quest)
    Anakin racer / pilot
    Anakin Jedi Padawan
    Padme - Tatooine
    Queen - Theed Throne
    Queen - Black Travel (actually Sabe)
    Queen - Pre-Senate
    Queen - Senate speech
    Queen - post Senate
    Queen - Purple Return to Naboo
    Queen - Battle Dress (Sabe)
    Queen - 2nd Hanger Battle
    Queen - Victory Celebration
    C-3PO (naked)
    Darth Maul
    Darth Maul hologram
    Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious hologram
    Battle Droid - PKU Droid
    Pilot Droid - card him
    Security Droid
    Destroyer Droid
    Nute Gunray Tey How
    Rune Haako
    Daultay Dofine
    Senator Palpatine Senator Palpatine Hologram
    Sio Bibble
    Captain Panaka Captain Panaka with removeable hat and soft cloak
    Naboo Royal Guard (white)
    Naboo Royal Guard (Latino)
    Naboo Royal Security Naboo Royal Security (black)
    Naboo Soldier (enlisted -tan)
    Naboo Soldier (officer - red) Naboo Soldier officer – red, black ethnic variation
    Handmaiden Handmaiden purple robes from Senate
    Shmi Skywalker Handmaiden 2nd Hanger battle dress, blonde girl
    Gragga senator of the same species
    Watto Kitster
    Pit Droid style 1 (white) Wald
    Pit Droid style 1 (red) Ann Gella
    Pit Droid style 2 Tan Gella
    Sebulba Aldar Beedo
    Gasgano Ark Bumpy Roos
    Ody Mandrell Old Jira
    Teemto Pagales
    Dud Bolt
    Mars Guo
    Mahownik Bolls Rohr
    Rats Tyrell Wan Sadage
    Ben Quadrinaros
    Cleg Holdfast
    Fode and Beed
    Aurra Sing
    Quinlan Vos
    Yoda (as Jedi Council Member)
    Yoda hologram
    Plo Koon
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Ki-Adi Mundi hologram
    SaeSee Tiin
    Eeth Koth
    Adi Galia
    Even Piel
    Depa Billaba
    Oppo Rancisis
    Yarael Poof
    Chancellor Valorum Sei Teria
    Mas Ameeda
    Lott Dodd
    Mon Cal Senator E.T. Senator
    Ask Aak (Gran Senator) Asks Moe, Gran Senator
    Po Nudo (becomes Separatist) Rodian Senator, Anaconda Far
    Passal Argente (becomes Separatist)
    Shu Mai (becomes Separatist)
    Orm Fre Taa (Twi'lek)
    Horax Ryder
    Gungan Warrior Gungan female
    Gungan band member (buglar) Gungan Child
    Captain Tarpals
    Boss Nass
    Gungan Council Member

    Obi-Wan Knight
    Obi-Wan hologram
    Obi-Wan (wet hair - Kamino)
    Anakin Padawan
    Anakin Peasant Disguise
    Padme Pilot Padme Senator, Palpatine’s Office
    Padme Refugee / Naboo Report Padme, Naberrie family deleted scene
    Padme black leather temptation backless dress, first kiss
    Padme Tatooine Arrival yellow dress, Naboo waterfall
    Padme Genosis Arrival (white droid factory) Nightgown, Naboo balcony, Kahoun Attack
    Padme Arena Battle Padme, Lars garage
    Padme Wedding
    R2-D2 booster rockets
    C-3PO junk parts
    JarJar (Naboo Representative) JarJar, Padme’s apartment
    Coleman Trebor
    Kit Fisto
    Luminara Undulli
    Bariss Offee
    Jocasta Nu
    Sirch Fi Ek
    Sora Bulq
    Pablo Jill
    Aayla Secura
    Aayla Secura Hologram
    Ashla human Jedi youngling, Liam
    Rodian Jedi Zayne Carrick, KOTOR
    Klatoonian Jedi Zayne’s Snivian partner, KOTOR
    Chancellor Palpatine (dark blue) Mandalorian KOTOR era
    his bald aide (female)
    Bail Organa (blue)
    Captain Typho (pilot) Queen Jamilla
    Captain Typho (duty uniform) 6-armed server droid from the freighter
    Zam Wessel
    Jango Fett
    Boba Fett
    Clone Kid Clone Kid 2-pack with yellow and red headsets
    Clone cadet (red uniform)
    Clone Trooper
    Clone Sergeant
    Clone Lieutenant
    Clone Captain
    Clone Commander
    Clone Pilot
    Lama Su Kaminoan research science worker
    Taun We
    Elan Sleezebagano female Weequay pirate
    Ack-Med Beq Asian human lower level lurker – think it was Doug Chaing
    Danay Fatoonie Ithorian Senator
    Twi'lek girl
    Dexter Jettster Hermione Bagwa (human girl waitress
    Battle Droid (Geonosis red)
    OOM-9 (Geonosis red)
    Super Battle Droid
    Dwarf Spider Droid (deluxe figure)
    Nute Gunray (AOTC)
    Rune Haako (AOTC) - or it was a different Niemodian
    Poggle the Lesser
    Sun Fak
    Geonosian Worker
    Geonosian Warrior (winged)
    Wat Tambor Senator Tiikes, Quarren
    San Hill Rogwa Woodrata
    Count Dooku
    Dooku's Pilot Droid (coming out as a 2013 BAD)
    Watto (AOTC)
    Owen Lars (AOTC) Cliegg Lars
    Beru Whitesun Shmi Skywalker, Tusken prisoner
    Female Tusken
    Child Tusken
    Rikshaw Droid big flying droid factory cargo carrier droid

    Obi-Wan Master Padme hair in buns, landing platform
    Anakin Knight Padme light blue dress, different from nightgown
    Anakin Sith Eyes Darth Vader Padme Senator, birth of the Empire
    Anakin (Mustafar Vader) Padme dress with hat piece
    Padme Nightgown Ruminitions Padme
    Padme Mustafar Padme birth of the twins, white dress
    Agen Kolar funeral Padme
    Stass Allie Jedi weapons master played by stunt coordinator
    Darth Sidious (red cloak, Jedi duel)
    Darth Sidious (gray and black, Yoda duel)
    Darth Sidious (black, Mustafar)
    Magna Droid (Grievous' Body Guard)
    General Grievous
    Nute Gunray (ROTS)
    Rune Haako (ROTS)
    Lushros Dofine
    Chancellor Palpatine (black gown, Dooku's prisoner) Sio Bibble
    Chancellor Palpatine (red, Jedi Duel) Queen Appelina
    Chancellor Palpatine (red, birth of the Empire) Padme’s mom
    Utopau Administrator Padme’s dad
    P'aun Warrior Padme’s sister
    Utai Mechanic
    Polis Masan fat Polis Masan
    Mas Ameeda (ROTS)
    Zett Jukasa
    Bail Organa Blockade Runner Bail Organa Senator, birth of the Empire
    Bail Organa - Alderaan (Leia's adoption) Bail Organa Speeder Pilot
    Brea Organa (Leia's adoption) Bail Organa Landing platform
    Clone Trooper Phase II
    Airborne Trooper
    Clone Trooper (Cody's men)
    Commander Cody
    Commander Cody Hologram
    Clone Trooper (gray)
    Clone Trooper (Commander Gree)
    Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk Scout)
    ARF Trooper
    ATRT Driver
    Galactic Marine Trooper
    Commander Bacara
    501st Clone Trooper
    Clone Trooper Star Corps (Bly's men)
    Commander Bly
    Commader Neo
    Neo’s Trooper
    Clone Pilot (ARC-170, Odd Ball)
    Cone Pilot (Imperial V-wing, black)
    Clone Pilot (Tank Gunner)
    Mustafar Lava Miner
    Mustafar Sentry
    Wookiee Warrior Sneak Preview
    Wookiee Warrior 1 new Wookiee Warrior 5
    Wookiee Warrior 2 new Wookiee Warrior 6
    Wookiee Warrior 3
    Wookiee Warrior 4
    Crab Droid (deluxe figure)
    Luke Skywalker (baby) [COLOR="#FF0000"baby delivery droid 1 [/color]
    Leia Organa (baby) baby delivery droid 2
    Chopper Droid Luxury Droid, fembot
    2-1A medical droid
    FX-6 luggage carrier droid

    So anyway, the above PT list might be incomplete as to who they made and there are definitely more, but the RED answers who they have left to do that they SHOULD DO to answer JediTricks' question "Who's left to do?"[/QUOTE]
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    I added more Original Trilogy - or the EU that I consider part of it:

    Gallandro - gunslinger from young Han Solo adventures
    Cross - the new Imperial Agent from the comics
    the insect alien from young Han Solo adventures
    Bria Tharen
    Garm Bel Ibis
    Garris Shrike
    the Togorrian partner Han has
    the guy with the blaster cannon on his cyborg head that Boba Fett works with
    young Lando - without a mustache
    that chic from Underworld

    Death Star Gunner - there is some difference between ANH's and ROTJ's - I would like to make sure each is made
    R2D2 Battle of Yavin damage - a carded R2 blasted by Vader's TIE

    General Covell - Imperial serves under Thrawn, has AT-ST driver gear
    Guri in a new outfit

    Hobbie in civilian attire for undercover missions
    Janson in civilian attire
    Loka Hask - Rogue Squadron Empire-allied enemy
    Borssk Fey'lya as Chief of State
    Bothan Spy (soldier)

    R2D2 Endor Shield Bunker Damage - carded

    Princess Leia SELCOR evacuation - NJO
    Lando as YVH-1 industrial developer - NJO
    YVH-1 droids carded (previously offered as BAD
    Kam Solasar

    Jacen Solo in black
    Jaina Solo in black
    Jaina Solo in tan apprentice jumpsuit
    Anakin Solo as a boy
    Tenel Ka as apprentice
    Tenel Ka as Jacen's wife
    Jagged Fel
    Zekk as apprentice

    Tycho Celchu in civies - he wears clothing like Han with the vest
    Tycho Celchu in Imperial uniform - he's a captain (of TIE fighter flight)
    Tycho Celchu in TIE fighter pilot uniform
    Winter in new outfit

    Morrigan Corrde - Legacy
    the pirate Cade Skywalker worked for - was Kit Fisto's species

    Executer Nysst
    Executer - ? (Dark Empire)

    And there are still plenty more OT EU possibilities.
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    Here are some PT EU possibilities:

    Nomi Sunrider
    Mandalorian Warrior (Sith War era)
    Warb Null
    Krath Battle Droid
    Onderon Soldier (from Iziz)
    Vima Sunrider
    Old Ulic Qel Droma
    Sith Apprentice Ulic Qel Droma
    Empress Teta
    Empress' Jedi Advisor Memit Nadil
    Odan-Urr (young, Golden Age of the Sith era)
    Odan-Urr Jedi Council Member (Sith War era)
    King Omin
    Queen Amona
    Omin's daughter
    Beast Rider
    Beast Rider leader
    Tott Doneeta
    Cay Qel Droma
    blind Jedi (Culu?)
    Master Thon
    Master Arca
    Master Vodo Siossk Baas

    Zayne Carrick's Jedi Master Lucien
    Zayne's mother's advisor - the Sith adept
    the Arkanian pharmaceutical CEO with the evil plans to use space slugs
    the Ithorian bounty hunter brothers
    the hot shot pilot
    the Republic Navy commander
    Republic trooper

    female bounty hunter with whip
    Arcona friend of Obi-Wan's
    Siri as Adi Gallia's apprentice
    Siri as bounty hunter
    Tru Veld (Anakin's Jedi friend)
    Ferus Olin
    Sari (Anakin's Jedi "girlfriend")

    Naboo Soldier enlisted (black ethnic variation)
    Tall alien from Mos Espa
    Warwick Davis from Mos Espa
    Horax Ryder's species as Senator

    Nyrat Agira
    Chancellor Palpatine red outfit AOTC (different from ROTS)

    The Jedi star of Dark Times (white beard... forgot his name)
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    Here are the Clone Wars (hopefully animated) figures that Hasbro needs to make:

    Dutchess Satine

    Senator Tsu-Tzi
    Prime Minister of Tsu-Tzi's people
    Talz warrior
    Re-release Thi-Sen on card

    Firefighter Droid re-release

    Chancellor Palpatine
    Padme as Senator
    Padme in Hazmat suit (Naboo)
    JarJar in Hazmat suit (Naboo)
    Peppi (female Gungan)
    Dr. Xindi
    rabbit eared droid
    Bail Organa as Senator
    Bail Organa in action gear
    Senator Anaconda Far - Rodian
    Mon Mothma

    Nute Gunray

    Robed bounty hunter from Seripas' group
    female Zabrack bounty hunter

    Trandoshan Hunter leader
    Trandoshan Hunter's son
    Trandoshan Hunter
    Bossk carded

    Padme in SCUBA gear
    Anakin in SCUBA gear
    Mon Calamari Prince
    Mon Calamari Warrior
    Quarren Senator (replaces Tiikes who defected)
    Quarren Soldier
    Riff Tamsen
    SCUBA Clone Trooper carded

    Nightsister Warrior
    Mother Towsend carded
    Nightsister re-animated from the dead warrior
    new Ventress
    invisible Ventress
    invisible Nightsister warrior

    Captain Tarpals
    Gungan Warrior

    Luurian Leader
    Lott Durd
    TX Droid re-released

    Hondo's pirate lieutenant (Weequay)

    Ziro the Hutt
    Commander Tarkin

    Niemodian Admiral
    Admiral Trench
    Cloak Ship Pilot

    And there would be more.
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