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    Hooray for the return of Build-a-Droid, but what is going to be on pegs until then?

    Vintage's final wave isn't going to make it to pegs, according to Hasbro. Build-a-Droid isn't coming out until next year. How is that going to mesh up in between? Is it just going to be old Vintage holding the line, or is BAD going to take up some of the slack pegs from Movie Heroes and Clone Wars, which have not performed all that great this year?

    BTW, I know there's a lot of Vintage fans, but I've always felt that A) it takes away from the specialness of the original VOTC figures; and B) it's very backwards-looking; and C) there's not enough room in the bubbles for bigger figures and larger accessories. BAD seems much more forward-looking and is larger to house bigger stuff inside plus dynamic poses, and it fits the pricepoint better since you get a tradeable figure part.
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    JT, I love you, but that may be the dumbest question I've ever seen posted on this site, and, God knows, I've posted some really stupid ones myself.

    We all know what's going to be on the shelves until then: Ben Quadinaros.
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    Around here, even Maul and Sidious are pegwarmers, the entire TPM wave pegwarms pretty hard, Benny Quads is not particularly worse than the others.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Well, I learned one thing from Build-A-Droid back in 2009 - I only care about 5 or 6 droids in the Star Wars saga and I prefer for those droids to be released single carded. So I'm pretty disinterested in the return of BAD and I'm actually going to be a little annoyed if the only way we can get updates of EV-9D9 and 8D8 is as Build-A-Droids.

    As for the rest of 2012, I'm really a bit down on Hasbro right now because we all knew this is exactly what was going to happen when they unveiled their massive Ep1 3D plans last year at NYCC. Maybe they thought that they could recoup some of the money they lost on Episode 1 toys in 1999. Either way, I think this is the absolute last time that we'll see any major merchandising support for that film (if/when Hasbro renews the license, I expect TPM's 20th anniversary to be quietly swept under the carpet and ignored when 2019 rolls around).

    Ultimately, I care about the figures first and foremost, but I'm still not too happy about seeing Vintage go away. Although I will say that my enthusiasm for the cards took a big dip when I saw how badly they botched Kithaba's card. Plus, the card was no longer incentive enough to convince me to buy a figure that I didn't really want; so maybe it is time for it to take a break.

    So, is it confirmed that last wave will not be in stores at all? If so, then I might pre-order a Weequay and then I'm done for a while. Unless Hasbro announces a new Skiff, a Sail Barge, or more Jabba's goons at Celebration 6, then I just don't think there is anything left in the Star Wars universe that can hold my interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    So, is it confirmed that last wave will not be in stores at all?
    Yes, Hasbro finally confirmed it in a statement released to the fan sites over the last few days. Right now, Amazon is the only place offering individual figures as opposed to entire cases.

    Going off what has happened in the last few years, hopefully the stores will start stocking much more heavily in the fall and holiday season and we'll be able to work through backlogged cases swiftly. Several Targets have only recently stocked The Clone Wars wave 2, and the second and third waves of Movie Heroes have still barely hit anywhere. Even though I've found every 2012 Vintage figure at retail, I know that most people haven't, and I'd like a few more army builders from here and there. Stores have typically been pretty barren for the first six months of the year the past few years, but the February TPM 3D release and subsequent release of several waves really screwed with that, so hopefully there will be time for some catch-up now (and it seems that the shuffling of the final wave to online-only might be a way to allow that to happen without TOO many cases being stuck in warehouses).

    Hopefully they discontinue the current assortment numbers for all three lines (they'll presumably have to for Vintage), flush out the crap, and start fresh in early 2013 - though this time, I hope there isn't a street date so that stores don't order way more than they should. If there is a street date, then I hope they release the first two waves of every line simultaneously (like they did in 2008, which was basically all fine except for Yarna) so we're not stuck looking at the same few figures over and over again and we can get things moving more quickly. Though given how the assortments are for Droid Factory, I bet there won't be many (or any) carry-forwards, which is a big part of what killed the line this year (among many other factors).

    I love the vintage look, but I'm ready for something else. Vintage cards are the only ones I care to keep carded (aside from a few exclusives), but I only got 10 of them, so it wasn't even that many. Build-a-droid is by far my favorite pack-in, so I'm excited to see it return, even though they could have picked more interesting choices than realistic versions of Clone Wars droids we already have in the animated style - R5-X2 and FA-4 are very welcome, though. No matter what the droid is, I'd rather have an extra figure than a coin or a playing card or, in the case of Vintage, a whole lot of nothin'.
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    I did not collect vintage for their cardbacks, though I appreciated looking at them in the stores very much so.

    If I'm correct, they never issued Count Dooku amongst others that should have been offered as essential characters.

    They also did not finish the original vintage collection (OT) with re-releases of figures like Sim Aloo (Imperial Dignitary) and not that it'd sell: Malakali (Rancor Keeper) amongst many.

    The Power Droid (Gonk) came out in a 3-pack along with the Death Star Droid (Target exclusive) and was not single-carded.

    These figures might show up as exclusives later on (in vintage cardbacks). With Jocasta Nu going as a Brian's Toys Exclusive - for $24 per figure - I wonder if vintage re-carded-collectors will spring that much for a SA Rancor Keeper or Imperial Dignitary?

    I think it's better they try this gamble with a character never offered before (Jocasta Nu), as she may very well sell better than a figure you can get for far cheaper - the Jawa for example - for which single-carding ONE FIGURE only might pose a backlash problem for people who don't think they got their value's worth for their 12 or more dollars. [On top of that, we got Jawas with a lot of different Sandcrawler Droids in recent years - mining droid, security droid, WED droid - from 2009, 2008, and 2007].

    As to JediTricks' opening comments - maybe the new vintage does take away from the specialness of the originals from the 70's-80's, but I see it as a last-ditch effort for Hasbro to sell us the SAME CHARACTERS in a way that listens to some fans who clamored for the old cards (which I admit I personally dig, but not enough to collect). But you can get Darth Vader on an ESB card (from 2004 or 2010) and I think there's a "SW (ANH)" card coming out. C'mon Hasbro. Sell us the same figure on a ROTJ card - maybe with the Removeable Helmet, though I think all the Darth Vaders have this feature now, but I wouldn't know since I didn't buy them. [I no longer will buy ANY Darth Vader figure amongst other "essential main characters." The Expanded Universe and very obscure like Queen Jamilla would attract me to a case assortment now.]

    Hasbro's only other option to sell old school collectors the SAME CHARACTERS again, is "the ultimate versions." These 3 3/4" figures might have every possible variation on a character in the package (that's possible with the basic sculpt - such as no Boussh that transforms into Slave Leia - but an ESB Vader with all the accessories to do all Vader's scenes (front face plate on, back of head exposed with helmet off from the meditation chamber, etc) and cut hand and electrified skull in helmet from ROTJ head and hand swaps. These would be sold in probably a "book-like" on the shelf cartoon for something like $14 for 1 figure. [Fortunately, I'd probably never buy anything like that save for the Ultimate Carbonite Han Solo!!!]. But you'd get things like Jedi Luke with flap open and closed on his shirt, removeable vest, interchangeable healthy, blasted, and gloved hands, Jedi robe, handcuffs, unassembled hilt, hilt, lit saber, and even retracting saber, plus the Endor helmet and poncho and rancor pit leg bone. Package that really, really nice with all kinds of movie pictures (like SideShow presents their figure boxes) and charge closer to $20 per 3 3/4" figure.

    Of course the "Movie Heroes / Greatest Heroes / Greatest Battles" line will continue making affordable choices for kids so that we have a million Obi-Wans and Anakins avaiable at any given time. However, if you're 3, you can't have 'em because you'll choke to death when you eat Plo Koon's lightsaber. But when you're 4, the first figures you'll want are Obi-Wan and Anakin. I acknowledge that I've never met a 3 year old waiting for their birthday so mom can purchase Queen Jamilla or Bail Organa in a new outfit for them.

    However, as I noted, I would not buy 95% of the "essential characters," ultimate versions, nor vintage cards, myself.

    But Hasbro listened to the folks who wanted to know what Qui-Gon and the Battle Droid or Darth Maul would look like in that kind of packaging. To be honest, they didn't always pick the best photos for the cards. But Obi-Wan and Maul were good choices if I were chosing.

    Meanwhile, I would have done some cool stuff like Luke Dagobah with the Bespin jacket on, worn unsealed (open) like Han's Bespin look. This is from when he said "You want the impossible." to Master Yoda when trying to raise his X-wing.
    That would have offered the fans a different figure of a hero which could sell. Indeed they may make this Luke, but it's now less likely he'll be vintage carded. Unfortunately, he'll possibly cost the same.

    I hope we see a price reduction when the vintage line is over.
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