MadSlantedPowers devised a great polling thread concerned with which characters from the OT and PT are most needed in the Hasbro 3 3/4" action figure line.

After discussing it with him, I learned he did not plan on going into the Expanded Universe.

I've always viewed the EU as the only potential future for the figure line beyond re-carding and gimmicking all the regular essential figures from the movie line (vintage-style cardbacks, light-up lightsabers).

So I took inspiration from MSP's polling thread and created this one. I am borrowing some of his introductory language below.

(paraphrased from an original post by MadSlantedPowers)

Here is the premise. Assume a new line of Star Wars figures is being made. This could be now, or possibly in the distant future after the current line has died out, or perhaps you have travelled back in time to 1995 and could decide which EXPANDED UNIVERSE figures should be made. In either case, which EXPANDED UNIVERSE figures should be made? Imagine that they would be ultimate versions that would never need to be remade. This line will include any REALISTIC versions of characters offered in comics, books, video games, animation, and role playing games.

I have made a separate thread here for Clone Wars figures in the animated style:

20 Clone Wars Animated Style Figures You Wish Hasbro Would Make Before They End The Line

Note that the linked thread is for a continuation of the existing line and not starting over and replacing armored Obi-Wan Kenobi or Cad Bane, whom we already have figures of.

Voting for those characters here, or the cruise missile trooper, Ewok or Droids or Holiday Special Cartoon figures, will be counted as a vote for realistic versions of those characters. And if you deem them essential, realistic figures of Ahsoka and Hondo Ohnaka are elligible here if you think Hasbro should replicate their offerings in the animated line.

But do tend to think about what characters most easily interact with the existing realistic movie figure line, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn commands stormtroopers and faces Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker - figures who are obviously going to be available to us in the movie line.

It would probably be a good thing for Hasbro to sell EU characters that can interact well with all their other figure product offerings. But the final voting choice is up to you.

MadSlantedPowers is taking his Essential Movie Character List up to 144 figures by his conclusion of things.

I'll take the EU up to only 25% of that, or the 36 most necessary EU characters, letting you all vote for any you'd like in 3 rounds of 12.

So here goes.

List your first 12 most essential EU figures to be offered in the realistic format.