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    Hell On Wheels Season 2

    Great season 2 premier tonight.

    The girl beating the Indian war drum (the preacher's daughter...) - wow. Didn't expect that so soon but it doesn't surprise me. It's perfectly fit to my taste exposing the hypocrisy regarding adherence to religion and faith ...or wait? We're those two married last season? Legally married?

    The Sweede as the creepy undertaker is perfect. I knew they'd find the right place for him.

    His relationship to Durrant must be inspired by Odo's relationship to O'Brien on Deep Space Nine. The show's creators couldn't help themselves, huh?

    But what is the creepy Sweede going to do with the dead prostitute's body? Well I guess we found out.

    Meanwhile, Lilly continues to look sweet!

    And Cullen and Elam are playing a very dangerous game.
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    The big burning question for me was, how much time has lapsed between the last season and now?

    Lily is sweet. But her being in cohoots with Durant is puzzling. Is it an actual relationship or just business? Hmm.


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