Since the Cantina Bartender (Wuher), there's been a long-standing tradition for old school fans of the action figure collecting hobby to petititon or otherwise call for (vote for in fans' choice polls) the figures we're otherwise not likely to see.

Who would you want to see made the most next?

Here are some ideas:


Tzzvvzzt (cantina fly creature)
Ranat (cantina rat creature)
new elder Uncle Owen
Han Ceremony (correct shirt)
Moisture Farmer
Tonnika Sister (wasted vote though - Hasbro's not authorized)


Torryn Farr
Cloud City female citizen
Bespin Guard (mustache like the vintage)
Wedge Snowspeeder Pilot
Hobbie Snowspeeder Pilot (his comic 2-pack was X-wing version)


Cane Adiss
Warok carded
Tayn dren Garen
Sgt. Doayllyn (skiff)
Darth Vader funeral pyre


Tey How
Handmaiden (purple robes)
Handmaiden (yellow throne room robes)
Pilot Battle Droid (carded)
Gungan female w. child
Kitster & Wald
Ann / Tan Gella
Wan Sandage (podracer)
Bolls Rhor (podracer)
Elan Mak (pod racer)
Ark "Bumpy" Roos (podracer)
Aldar Beedo (podracer)
Onacanda Farr (Senator)
E.T. (Senator - wasted vote though)
Ithorian Senator


Nyrat Agira (thong clad bar girl in Outlander)
Hermione Bagwa (Dexter's waitress with the garter)
Buffon Tire (Outlander bartender)
Clone Kid 2-pack
Kaminoan clone lab worker
female Weequay pirate (Outlander)
Tiikes (Quarren Separatist Senator)
Rogwa Woodrata (big furry Separatist)
Shmi Skywalker (Tusken Prisoner)
Cliegg Lars
Padme Lars' garage
Padme yellow dress (Naboo waterfalls)
Padme balcony (nightgown, blue soft goods robe, kohouns for the Coruscant attack scene)
Padme Senator (Palpatine's office, her apartment and the first meeting with the Jedi)
Padme backless dress (first kiss, Naboo balcony)
Padme deleted scene (her parents' dinner table, her bedroom with Anakin)
Articulated Depa Billaba
Articulated Even Piel
JarJar (Padme's apartment)


Luxury Droid
Padme hair in buns
Padme dark dress (ruminations scene)
Padme blue dress (balcony with C-3PO)
Padme birth of Luke and Leia
Padme silver Senate "birth of the Empire" attire
Padme head piece (scene with Anakin, "Hold me.")
Padme funeral scene
Bail Organa Senator (silver chest armor, "birth of the Empire scene.")
Bail Organa speeder pilot (escape Jedi Temple)
fat Polis Masan
fat Pau'n
Sio Bibble (ROTS)
Ruwee Naberrie (Padme's dad)
Jobal Naberrie (Padme's mom)
Sola Naberrie (Padme's sister)
baby delivery droid 1
baby delivery droid 2
FX-6 (I think they made this figure. I'm not sure. It's similar to FX-7 and helped build Darth Vader)
Drall Sindig (whatever his same is - the Jedi sword master played by the film's stunt coordinator seen in hologram)
Palpatine with varying hood color (from Yoda duel)
Palpatine from "birth of the Empire speech" without action features
Lizard alien from Palpatine's opera box
Twilek in white dress from Opera
Mon Calamari dancer(s) - this would have to be 2 figures at least, in varying skin colors
new Wookiee Warrior (different sculpt and fur color from previous releases)

Expanded Universe:

You can vote for 1 figure from all of these, so if you're is an EU choice, you're the one who best knows who they are.

Nomi Sunrider
Zayne Carrick
Riff Tamsen (CW animated)
Jedi Corran Horn
Anakin Solo
new Yuuzhan Vong
Darth Caedus
Emperor Roan Fel

Above are many obvious choices, but you can pick your own.

But choose one rare, obscure figure for "the next Jocasta Nu." (A figure most unlikely to ever get made without a lot of fan support.)