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In fact LW used a real Tamyia part for his mold. So still don't get what you don't find ok, when real specialists, including Jez (you quoted before) and CFO still think this is the best Scout helmet to date, even better than the eFX. They both handled original screen used Scout helmets. If the snout is not connected to the part underneath I'll look when my own helmet arrives. Do not forget the photos above were not taken at the same angle.
I know it's the right part, my point was that it's not attached seamlessly at the top of that engine block part the way the original prop is.

I just explained why it looks off, the way it's attached to the plate, and the plate itself has its horizontal line cut lower than the actual. I am aware of photography angles though, I did keep that mind.

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BTW there are also 2 things problematic with the eFX helmet too (except the interior which will be fully padded, thus already inaccurate), can you spot them?
Only thing I see is the bezel around the lens is not big enough by a small amount, but the lenses are asymmetrical in the right way, the bezel matches that asymmetry correctly, the vents all line up the same way in the back that they should, so I'm not seeing a 2nd issue.