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    What is Shmi's Accessory???

    I still have no clue as to what it is and was wondering if anyone knows for sure???
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    I should say that is some sort of a controller - to control doors open/shut? on/off control for naked C3PO? Tatooine style mobile phone? Nah, a controller of some sorts.

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    ...Bong Wars!

    No, no, that can't be right...just because Luke AND Shmi both have a dazed look in their can't be it.
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    I am trying to remeber if she used anything in the movie, but i can't think of anything?
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    She was fixing some circuitry when Ani and Qui-Gon came back from selling the podracer. That's what I'd guess this is.
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    As stated earlier, Shmi was working on some kind of equipment at one point in the film. Since Episode I was the single most documented film in the series to date, it is possible that Hasbro based the accessory on one of the actual movie props that was on the set (if not actually seen in use). However, Hasbro being Hasbro, it could just be something that is akin to the types of things you might have seen on the sets.

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    Hasbro calls it a Data Pad... what ever that is...

    I think that it is a piece of diagnostic equipment or something.
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    ...and the award for Best Answer to a Post goes to.... stillakid!

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    "I'll miss you mom!"

    Shmi: "Yes, yes just leave okay...mmm-hmm go with the nice grizzled last my pretty we are alone"

    ...I apologize for that....its just gross...
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    Talking Yes.......

    It is that thing that she was working with when that grizzled man and her whiny son came in. I think it is like a calculator-type thing.
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