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    Article: Hasbro Presentation Product Imagery in Hi-Res

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    What R2 is this? The only R2 shown in the panel was a new CW version and this isn't it. It also doesn't appear to be the upcoming one from the BaD2 line (look at the painted on wires on the feet, while the one shown at SDCC had the more modern sculpted wires, and the rockets on the legs).

    And how about this Savage? Are they planning to rerelease the armored version? Again, the only Savage pictured in the original panel pics is the one in the battle pack which as we know, is not being packed with his lightsaber.

    How about this Jango Fett? I assume this is a repack for the Movie Heroes or BaD2 but haven't we complained enough about the purple color? I'd buy this figure in blue, but won't look twice at another purple Jango.

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    The R2-D2 is the current Movie Heroes version, which I guess must be getting repacked. The Clone Wars version is based on the R7-A7 mold (with an all-new sculpt and removable parts), which I didn't realize at first.

    Hopefully they're re-releasing armored Savage in The Clone Wars, and a blue/gray Jango repaint in Movie Heroes. If Jango comes out in MH, he'll probably have a big backpack or rocket launcher or something. But they didn't go over repacks in TCW or MH at all, so I'm not sure.


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