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Thread: Celebration VI

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    Celebration VI

    As seen on Star Wars Celebration VI site, the event is being held August 23-26, 2012, in Orlando Orange County Convention Center once again.

    The facility was fantastic, even though the weather outside was insanely hot. I find a few things odd about this - the fact that it's not around any anniversaries or even the 3D release, and that it's around when a lot of students are likely starting school (I'll be done by then, but it's got to be a consideration for everyone else). I really want to go, and I suppose there's still well over a year for planning, but with my sister getting married next summer and the fact that I have no idea where I'll be means there are some things to consider first. Still, I'm excited!
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    End of August, Really?

    I dont think this is the best time. I take my kid to this and well, With School starting earlier and Earlier it is like hell that the mom is gonna let him miss school for this, which means...I wont be going.

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    I posted the news earlier, and it took all my willpower not to mention in the article that there was no way in hell I was going to FLORIDA at the end of AUGUST. It's 2 days before my birthday no less, and a month after SDCC, I can't really see how I can make that work, and that's not even considering the spine-melting heat and humidity. This was an easy pass.

    I wonder why they went with this again, and so soon after the last one, so late after the first 3d release too.

    A buddy of mine went last year, and I was on the phone with him while he was walking back to his hotel late at night when he came across a real live friggin' gator!
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    Yes, I agree. Orlando again, I really didnt enjoy the climate and dont want to do that again either. Plus, its so far from California. Doing it once ok, but twice? HMMM...

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    I hate Florida, but I might go if I can find someone to help split the cost of a room. I missed the last two and don't really think it's necessary to go to every single one. The last one I went to was CIII.
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    I did my time in FL last year at the SW Weekends, and that was in "mild" June. I'll pass.
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    The weather wasn't nearly as bad as you're all fearing. We were insanely hot when we were at Universal Studios, but that has got to be one of the most poorly-designed theme parks around. (I really don't need to revisit the disappointing Harry Potter park again so I have no reason to go to Universal.) The Disney parks have actual, factual shade (and I'll be riding Star Tours the entire time anyway ). The convention center itself was cooled the entire time to the point of being somewhat chilly, and the queues were all inside the facility (aside from the early-morning George Lucas/Jon Stewart line, but that was moved inside after a few hours).
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    I'm about 80% sure I'm gonna be there.
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    They should just combine it with Star Wars Weekends at Disney, make it one huge annual SW fan event. Maybe it could be over two weekends, same program but less crowded. The Mouse would benefit, there'd be more things for families to do and mostly I wouldn't have to plan 2 trips to Orlando a year. Not to mention that May is much more pleasant than August in FL.
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    Guess who's going to ORLANDO??!!!

    No more dithering... the 4-day pass has been purchased!!! WOOT!!
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